Sunday, November 2, 2008

The trail of Alif's ... (dot dot dot)

This is the trail of what happen if you let Alif runs around and become too active. He will start coughing and need to beware when he does that, he will leave behind some presents on the floor. Warning! This could be yucky for some you:P

Trail #1
We stopped at Fella Design at Damansara after dropping Aina Syasya at her school near TTDI. It was a happy occasion for the boys, lots of nice furniture and beds and sofa to hop on. Near where the exclusive marble dining table, Alif stopped for awhile, and the next thing we know, wolla...he had spill it off on the floor. Luckily it was just some gluey sticky reddish clear thing. It went straight to one of his slippers. So he just hopped on with the other slipper (selipar) to Daddy and left behind the one with his bile. Oh wasn't a lot and I do have to carry that piece of thing back, so, I took out the tissue paper from my handbag and wipe off whatever got stuck on his slipper and a little bit on the floor....

Trail #2
We've had a hearty family birthday celebration meal at Chilis last weekend. Azlin's 38th birthday (yes, he's younger than me for 6 months and he loves to mention it- that I'm older than him). Anyway, after the meal and Maghrib prayer at the newly discovered surau in the new wing of OU, we took a walk in the mall. As usual, Alif and Ahmad would run ahead - always chasing something that I can never figure out. Azlin walked ahead to look for the shop. We were actually looking for Ahmad's birthday gift - he wanted some additional games for his gameboy. When we reached a restaurant called "Charms", Alif suddenly stopped. Make a confuse face and suddenly -- voila! A lot of yucky gluey red-white thing came out. Must have been some of the kids cheesy pizza and tostada chips! Plus lots of liquid which could be the 100Plus that he drank. I panicked for awhile. Do not know how to react other than scolding him for running. Then, I slowly took out my spare tissue paper, wipe his mouth and walk away. Left the bile which was in between the restaurant (they had kind of additional tables outside the main shop, next the walkway). On the way back, we took a different path - walk on the opposite side of the restaurant - I can't really see if the stuffs had been cleaned or not but I can see the eyes of the workers on us -we were, I guess kind of noticeable group after that incident. What can I do, I could not really clean those thing with just a small pack of tissue paper! No tools to clean!
What do you do in such situation? Apologize and leave?

When we were in a factory outlet in US sometime in April this year, I think it was Nike shop - Alif peed somewhere in between small wooden chair and display rack - ok, he cannot hold it anymore The moment he said I wanna pee, the whole thing comes out. Nothing much that we can do also except to use his pants to wipe them liquid off and took him to the quite a distance washroom to wash off. The staff there, I think were clueless as to what happen:-) Well, accident do happen sometime....

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