Friday, November 28, 2008

Tika Rindu Berlagu...

...My Love for you is deep and true
No matter what you do,

I'll be there for you,
No matter where you go,

I'll always be there beside you,

Till the day I die
My love will always stay true to you.

Something happens when you look at me, I forgot to speak, something happens when u kiss my lips, my knees get so weak.

Tq love!
Love u 99% Honey Bunny....

I guess I really am an addict to romance novel (English or Malay) but now, I preferred the Malay novel more - it doesn't have all that physical intimacies description that would not be suitable for my teenage girls:-)
I had just finished a new book I bought last week- Tika Rindu Berlagu. Written by Lily Suriani. This is the first book by her that I bought, though its already her third, I think.

I just can't get the main character out of my mind today - this Naim guy who is so funny, "hensem", and who can love a girl just the way she is. The things that he did to get the girl's (who is actually a tomboy but with all a Malay lady's quality except for her clothing and manners) attention and love. He finally made her his but of course there's always things that get in the way before they are finally together and maybe live happily ever after. This is one novel that really touched my heart. It made me stop whatever I was doing at the moment and make me want to finish the novel with quality - meaning, do not skip any word! Yea, I always do that - I would do some speed reading whenever I get impatient and wants to know how it ends. Of course, I always took a peak of what's the ending but that wouldn't make me loose my interest - I would want to know how it gets to that ending!
I love the way she builds the characters - Naim and Adila Yasmin. And how the relationship grows from just a short encounter to many many coincidental encounters. How she (Lily) made use of that coincidences conveniently - Naim as the son of Adila's father's long lost friend, all the "terserempak" at Sogo, at Pasar Malam and how she had mistakenly gotten into his car instead of her boss's. This novel is one who would make you laugh while reading and also cry - i can't recall how many times I cried (I am an emotional person even though its just fictions) and also "geram" with some characters. Another touchy moments when Naim lost his memories including of Adila's - after all the things that he did to get her! But he always remember that he's in love with someone, just do not know who - and then he fell in love with her again for the second time...aaaa.......Every emotional thing is in there. For me now, Lily Suriani now is definitely comparable to the likes of Aisya Sofea, Damya Hanna, Anis Ayuni and Sharifah Abu Salem (writers for Alaf21) and used to be with Alaf21 - Fauziah Ashaari, Puteri Andalas and Aina Emir (ok, I used to ignore her books and bought this one coz I had no other good choice).
Back to the you know why he said "Love u 99%" and not 100%? I thought its normal la...kena simpan sikit, similar like trust. But what was written next, really melt my heart - "Because I need that 1% to stay alive". There's more lovely quotes inside the book - the ones that Naim wrote when he send flowers to Adila - but I don't want to spoil it by copying it down here:-)
So ... if you're looking for new Malay story book, I totally recommend that you go and buy this book!I definitely will go back Alaf21's book store to get her 2 other books (or maybe I wait until they do their sales again and get 30% off instead of just 15% discount)

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  1. Hahah.. Sabrina tak sangka u dah baca novel Melayu sekarang. Kau kan mmg hantu novel dari dulu. I dah baca buku ni. OK laa.. aku pun dah jadi Malay novel addict since early this year. And true, Malay novels are more "feelong".. you can laugh out loud can cry. My favorite author is Aisyah Sofea and Anis Ayuni and Aina Emir. Yang lain2 tu so so je lah..

  2. Hihi...aku mmg dah jadi addict novel melayu dah sekarang ni. English masih baca but only from favourite authors like Sandra Brown and Judith McNaught -- too expensive to get, but Malay novel is not bad now, isn't it. I have all of Aisya Sofea,Anis Ayuni and Aina Emir (and so many others as well):-) 3 layers of small book rack arranged front and back!
    Know what my eldest - Aina, starts reading Sharifah Abu Salem's novel since she was 6! Tu sorang anak aku yang dah berjangkit.

  3. alamak, nak kena start kumpul novel melayu pulak. :P

    maybe can pinjam yours dulu? hee hee

  4. masyok giler bce cter nie...ak ske ngan watak naim..seb ak dew kwn name die naim...ble bce trus ingt kt die..

  5. otw menghabiskan bacaan utk n0vel ni.. s0 far really interesting st0ry.. erm... x abis2 dugaan Adila... h0pe there is an happy ending at d end.. =p