Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sooo many things happened today

Warning...this could be a long one - as the title indicate - sooo many things, so many stories in one:-)

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me, after spending most of the day at our office in KLCC conducting Office Ergonomics Review sessions followed by on-site consultation and then meeting with the line managers, I rushed home thinking that I had to take Anis to her friend's birthday at Sunway but then on second thought - naayy..i dont want to go through the terrible traffic through Subang Jaya to get to Sunway, so I went to the gym for line dancing (and upset Anis) and did a real fast, I was really tired last night when I finally get to bed. Didn't woke up until Azlin woke me up, ready to go to KL for his PMP exam. Sedih jugak...thought I want to prepare him at least his vitamins and protein drink so that at least he didnt go out on empty stomach for his big exam.

Anyway, I forced Alif to go to Taska today. He's been missing for almost 3 weeks already, at least get him to do his computer lessons which we had paid for nothing in November (since he went for only few days:(. Last night he said, ok, just carry him to the car. So, that's what I did this morning but as soon as he woke up, he started with "tak nak pergi sekolah" - I dont want to go school. He started crying and tried to open the car door - thank Allah for child lock! I normally restrain him in his car seat but today I drove Azlin's car to work, so, there's no car seat in his precious sporty car. Oh well, he cried all the way to school, sobbing and screaming. He cried until he throw up some whitish bile on the middle portion of the seat. Luckily he hadn't taken any milk yet in the morning, so, there's not much stuffs coming out. I tried to pacify him with few bribes -- like stopping to get vitagen, or junk food twisties but to no avail. Then I suggest that we could go to Aidiin's house and watch his Thomas collection coz he got a lot. Doesn't seem to work, coz he kept on crying till we reach school - that was a whole half an hour drive to the Taska. Finally, just before we reach school, at the traffic light, I put him on my lap and hold him close while driving - that kind of calm him down but he started again when I passed him on to the teacher!

So, I reached work a little bit late than usual. Oh - I am on NST Word Hunt for this next 2 weeks - just for fun. Starting last Monday, I started buying NST (got free on Monday from Colmar@Bukit Tinggi:-) then continue purchasing it at the convenient shop near the office. Today, I went 3 times from 8:30am to 9:30am and 12pm, and the shop owner still say "tak sampai lagi". What! At 12pm, newspaper still didnt arrive? Then Azlin called and said that he passed the exam. So he's now a PMP (project Management professional?) - that's the beauty of prometric exam, you know your results right away. I had to wait one agonizing month to know if I had passed my professional exam last time. We plan to go for lunch together but then he got stuck in the traffic jam at Sultan Ismail, so we had to scrap that date. I thot tonight I don't have to cook dinner since he'll be home early- well that wish got strucked out as he later he told me that he had to go back to work, the big boss who were supposed to visit tomorrow, decided to come in today and he had to do some presentation. Oh well...

Then, on the way home, after picking Alif, who is now happy and said school was great, I stopped at Subang Parade. Need to fulfill my promise to get him the Percy that he wants. He spend some time at Toys R Us to go through all the Thomas collection available. And kept on getting distracted by all the hot wheels and transformers and radio car near Thomas and almost wanted to get hot wheels (again) but after chanting "let me think think think" with a pointing finger underneath his side chin, he decided to get Gordon instead and said next time, we'll get Percy! He was one happy kid at that time. Chanting rapidly about going to school again tomorrow and every day. When I asked him at the school's door in front of the teacher just now whether he wants to go to school tomorrow or not, he just shake his head although he had just said that school was fun that day. After he got his "bribe" everything is nice and he's willing to go to school. We'll see tomorrow - its always nice today but wait till morning when he wake up and realise that he's going to school - he will have lots of excuse of not going. We stopped at Secret Recipe to get the White Chocolate Macademia cake slice for Azlin to celebrate his accomplishment today. I got the guy to write "Congratulations" on that slice:-)

Well, on the way back, while chatting away about Thomas and Gordon and their songs, he opened up another story. "Aidiin Abah tak kasi datang rumah dia. Sebab Aidiin Abah nanti marah" - now where this one come from. I guess he was paying attention to all the things that I said to him this morning amidst his cries. But he couldn't tell me what brought up this conversation with Aidiin and what he told Aidiin specifically - only remember what Aidiin told him. Kids!

I had actually planned to drop by at MPH to see if I could get my copy of NST there but I totally forgot until I reached home. After Sutera Maya and maghrib prayer - called up Azlin to get him to stop by at petrol station on the way home to get NST for me but turns out that he has some deliveries and would be coming home very late tonight. So, I decided to go out and get the NST myself at Jln Kristal shops - yea! i still could get the copy at 7-eleven, even at 8pm. Great! I guess, dont hope if it is Star, but NST is still ok, less demand for it. Anyway, I thought of trying out the rental book shop - maybe I could get new Malay novel there for rent, but on second thought, I guess I shouldn't spend time on the book coz I have lots of things to do at home as well, and things wouldn't get done until the book is finished. But, I dropped by at the DVD shop instead and bought myself 5 korean drama series! Ada sale! So, I dont want to miss the chance of getting cheap korean dramas....this would last me for few months:-)

I am now taking a short break - I need to go back to my work and finish at least 3 qtr of the work that I planned to finish at work today, otherwise I'll be very behind schedule in my work coz tomorrow is another long day off office. Up till now, at 10:28pm, Azlin is still not home yet. I hope he do get home before 12 and take the day off that he's supposed to get today (he's supposed to be on leave today but end of spending more hours at work pulak) tomorrow - we got to prepare for our Terengganu trip this weekend and also the ketupat materials for Sunday night when we got home so that there's something special to celebrate Eid Adha on Monday. ....signing off....I just heard Azlin's voice downstairs and the clicking sound of the plates:-)

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