Saturday, October 6, 2012

Children's exams to come

After being silent for many moons, my first update is about exam? Not the right ambience to start with but that seems to be the in-things in this coming weeks at home.

Anis will be sitting her PMR this coming Tuesday. She's studying right now:) Ummi shouldn't have any complaints right... More Doas for my girl...

Alif will also be sitting his final year exam. I thought it was only UPSR subjects but no, it's everything. Subhannallah... This one, Ummi really really have to monitor coz until now, not sure what he has actually learnt in school. His answer was always "I don't know". Too lazy to strike conservation with mummy or mummy didn't choose the right moment for the chat. He likes to change the subject if he doesn't want to talk about it:)

Aina will be sitting her SPM soon. Seriously can't believe that my eldest is now 17! She has already started thinking about what she wants to study next - psychology? Nutrition? Writing? Well... She needs to get through the SPM first, don't worry about the long term mission yet, get the SPM over first.

Ahmad ... I still have no clue about Jye new schooling system without the PMR thing for him. Didn't make any effort to find out info and understand it. He wants to move school yet again, to follow Kak Anis he said. But that school -- not one that you can choose to go, you need to get placement from JAIS who will say that they're all full. So limited place but many students who wants to enter the school.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update ?

Anis asked me this "Umi dah lama tak update blog Umi"

"Ha aaa tak sempat, banyak sangat program sekarang ni. Bila ada kesempatan tak de mood pula. Tapi Umi ingat Umi nak buat parallel blog untuk share nota2 kuliah yg Umi pergi la, macam rugi pula kalau simpan je."

Anis, "Tulis je la pasal kita pas tu selitkan la sekali pengajaran dari apa yg kita belajar tu".

Pandai Anis bagi cadangan :) Umi ni bukannya penulis yang pandai sangat pun!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The new shopping area

This was new in Makkah... Comfy shopping complex

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Walimatul Urus

I went to a waliimah or wedding banquet today .. Actually, has been going to waliimah every week ever since the school holiday started. Different variations in the way family managed their waliimah.

My neighbor did her research on who should be invited - they are your relatives, neighbors, friends and there should be mix of the poor as well, thus most walimah now will also include orphans in the list of invitees. If we are invited to a walimah, it is our duty to try our best to fulfill the invitation.

As I went through all these waliimah, I was thinking of how I shud arrange waliimah for my children, if my Allah gives me the chance to see my children getting married. How to make it happenings with berkat..maybe continuous servings of zikir and doa, not just one doa before the bride and groom's , of course no pelamin, maybe just a nice spot to take pictures, without making it look like pelamin - I have no idea how to do this though- too early to think. This is just brainstorming session, ok:) what else? I guess there are many other ways. Have to start taking inventory and attend more weddings to get more

Sunday, April 1, 2012

of latest happenings

It has really been a long long time since I last update this page. Bad habits- later lor, can't do over mobile, no mood and so many excuse. l'm testing this out using hubby's galaxy tab.Looks like it works, but typing is "painful", slow n troublesome using this soft thingon thescreen. Keep on having typos especially on space bar... ahhh some other timelor,too much typos, end uperasing more than typing