Friday, November 28, 2008

Tika Rindu Berlagu...

...My Love for you is deep and true
No matter what you do,

I'll be there for you,
No matter where you go,

I'll always be there beside you,

Till the day I die
My love will always stay true to you.

Something happens when you look at me, I forgot to speak, something happens when u kiss my lips, my knees get so weak.

Tq love!
Love u 99% Honey Bunny....

I guess I really am an addict to romance novel (English or Malay) but now, I preferred the Malay novel more - it doesn't have all that physical intimacies description that would not be suitable for my teenage girls:-)
I had just finished a new book I bought last week- Tika Rindu Berlagu. Written by Lily Suriani. This is the first book by her that I bought, though its already her third, I think.

I just can't get the main character out of my mind today - this Naim guy who is so funny, "hensem", and who can love a girl just the way she is. The things that he did to get the girl's (who is actually a tomboy but with all a Malay lady's quality except for her clothing and manners) attention and love. He finally made her his but of course there's always things that get in the way before they are finally together and maybe live happily ever after. This is one novel that really touched my heart. It made me stop whatever I was doing at the moment and make me want to finish the novel with quality - meaning, do not skip any word! Yea, I always do that - I would do some speed reading whenever I get impatient and wants to know how it ends. Of course, I always took a peak of what's the ending but that wouldn't make me loose my interest - I would want to know how it gets to that ending!
I love the way she builds the characters - Naim and Adila Yasmin. And how the relationship grows from just a short encounter to many many coincidental encounters. How she (Lily) made use of that coincidences conveniently - Naim as the son of Adila's father's long lost friend, all the "terserempak" at Sogo, at Pasar Malam and how she had mistakenly gotten into his car instead of her boss's. This novel is one who would make you laugh while reading and also cry - i can't recall how many times I cried (I am an emotional person even though its just fictions) and also "geram" with some characters. Another touchy moments when Naim lost his memories including of Adila's - after all the things that he did to get her! But he always remember that he's in love with someone, just do not know who - and then he fell in love with her again for the second time...aaaa.......Every emotional thing is in there. For me now, Lily Suriani now is definitely comparable to the likes of Aisya Sofea, Damya Hanna, Anis Ayuni and Sharifah Abu Salem (writers for Alaf21) and used to be with Alaf21 - Fauziah Ashaari, Puteri Andalas and Aina Emir (ok, I used to ignore her books and bought this one coz I had no other good choice).
Back to the you know why he said "Love u 99%" and not 100%? I thought its normal la...kena simpan sikit, similar like trust. But what was written next, really melt my heart - "Because I need that 1% to stay alive". There's more lovely quotes inside the book - the ones that Naim wrote when he send flowers to Adila - but I don't want to spoil it by copying it down here:-)
So ... if you're looking for new Malay story book, I totally recommend that you go and buy this book!I definitely will go back Alaf21's book store to get her 2 other books (or maybe I wait until they do their sales again and get 30% off instead of just 15% discount)

Here's the cover page (taken from

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aisya Nayli the Champ in Face Making

Introducing one of the little cousin ...Aisya Nayli. Currently, she become the baby in the house - Kak Su takes care of her during the day. She could give you the most expressionless face or the most expressive face - depending on her mood. But most of the time, it's blank face.

dah petik bunga orang pun masih blank lagi...she kept the flower in her ear sampai ibu dia balik!Kira melawa la tuh

She's thinking hard!

At times could be cheeky too!

Best of all...she's a real entertainer! Look at that cute little mouth!

The Cousins

Alif and the little girls around him....come to think of it, his little cousins are all girls. He's kind of the last boy born in the immediate family from both sides (mine and Azlin's)

Alif(28-5-04) and Balqis(6-6-04) - they're only 9 days apart.

Alif and Balqis now and when they were younger (<1>

And then there's little Aisya - who comes to our house on weekdays.

Cousins - Wan Batrisya Balqis and Wan Qaisara Qistina

oh...there's the neighbor friends - also girls!

Aqilah (3) and Alisa(5) - new and used to be best friend Alif sekejap until he suddenly discover no "girl" friends from school:-)

I can't resist putting this one up - Alif and Alisa when the area was being fogged due to Aedes. He can't hold still and need to jump to create the camera effect:-)

Friday, November 21, 2008


Wuhu...a lot to count down this coming weeks...

1) Bro-IL's engagement -- 2 more days
2) KLIA Aviation Depoh visit -- 4 more days
3) My mom flying off to Mekah -- 4 more days (same day with KLIA thingy)
4) Family vacation at Bukit Tinggi (Colmar Tropicale Resort), one night je...8 more days
5) My Cousin's wedding - whole family going back to KT -- 14 more days
6) Finally...My flight to Inchon, Korea -- 21 more days! many things to do...

* not much preparation for the rest, but Korea trip, a lot to prepare!
Nak kena buat presentation lagi for the mini Seminar with the Korean, making sure I got all info from the delegates, souveniers for the Koreans sides... I wonder if my winter jacket from old days in Madison still good enough to wear or not, hopefully it is, dont want to spend on winter clothing (not going on company's expense laa...)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Move It! "I'm Frozing!"

As soon as Azlin was feeling a little bit better today, we went out. Few things need to get - Anis's new glasses (which we had postponed for quite a while) and Ahmad wanted to get a replacement of his Ben10 PS2 games which doesn't work. So, we set ourselves to Carrefour, SJ. The PS2 games settled but Anis couldn't find the frames that she wanted - all plastic, white or transparent color and not too thick that it pokes her face. Oh, it also needs to be round. So much requirement, we've been to at least 5 shops and still couldn't find the one that she wants. Dia ingat macam nak beli baju - can ask for different size. Anyway, we walked to SP from Carrefour and finally find the frame on the 3rd shops.
When we wanted to go back it was raining cats and dogs! When it subsided a little, Azlin made a dash to Carrefour and we all waited in front of SP. It was still raining when he arrived, we had to make a run to get into the car.
Alif, with his 2 little hands on his head, ran and hop to the car. As soon as he arrived, he said,"Quick! Move it! I'm frrooozing!" His pants and shirt was a bit wet and it was a bit cold in the car with the aircond on. Maybe he meant freezing or was it frozen?
Anyway, he was wearing 2 layers of clothing at the time (kids!insist on wearing his favourite home-clothes) - so, I took off his jeans pants and collar shirt. He just smiled and said, "I'm all dry now;-)"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

14th Years Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! Yes, married for 14 years, going into 15! With 4 kids, moved houses 3 times.... Reflection of the years together...

Got married on 13-11-1994
Year 1 (1995) - celebrate with a 3 months old daughter and just bought ourselves a new house in USJ with FAMA's help
Year 2 (1996) pregnant with 2nd child
Year 3 (1997) we got 2 little girls and just got the key to our new house in USJ
Year 4 (1998) Finally had moved into our new house, also with FAMA's help in the renovation
Year 5 (1999) Just got our first son - 3 roses for the 3 children that we have
let's just skip the rest (hey, i still remember what happened in each year! almost)

And this more roses, this is the flowers that I got. Thank you dear - I love you too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Baby?

The kids have been bugging us to have another baby. Alif is already 4 and not much fun to play with anymore for them. So, for them, it's time to have another baby.

Aina Syasya (13) made a case about her friend's mother who she said about the same age with me, having another baby - she hasn't seen my friend Marina pregnant with her 4th one yet, otherwise, she would put that as another point why I could still have another baby. Yeaa..I've been telling them that I am now too old to have another baby:-) And no energy to take care of the young ones at night anymore....of course they said they'd help but you know kids, now you see them and the next thing you know they're gone doing their own stuffs, and you were left alone to mend the little one.

I have 4 kids. Of the 4 kids, only the 4th one was planned to have. The first three were all Allah's gift when we didn't ask for (to put unplanned nicely). I learnt that you shouldn't say the word "accident" for a baby in Taiwan series - Fated to Love You (its showing in TV now, but with a different title - I watched this series thru Coincidentally, they were all born 2 years apart - in terms of years of course. That's the beauty of breastfeeding - Allah planned the space for you, just nice:-)

When I had Aina, we had just been married for I think about 5 or 6 weeks. I thought I had some infection so Azlin and I went to see a gynae. Turned out that I was pregnant which was a surprise, it couldn't be that fast. The urine test came out with "faintly positive" but the ultrasound scan showed a dot. Hard to confirm at 5 weeks, Dr Nora said so, I had to come back in 2 weeks time for another scan and urine test. That's how we know that we're pregnant with Aina. Not much problem when I was having Aina, my stomach was small. Not many people know that I was pregnant - my stomach only showed when Aina was about 7 going into 8 months, then the size escalated quite fast - I gained about 2 kg/week in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy.

With Anis, it was unexpected as well. Aina was only 10 months at that time. I was still breastfeeding her, though not in full - stopped pumping when she was 6 months. Period only came once when Aina was a little into 8 months. Thought it was some hormone problem, that's why there's no more period after that short one. It wasn't until I really started looking into the mirror and noticed that my stomach was a little bit rounder than usual and when I poked, it felt a bit harder than the usual fat droopy thing. Could I be pregnant? Went to pharmacy and bought that self-urine test and gotten positive results! So, we went back to Dr Nora to confirm - true enough I was already 7 weeks pregnant when she did the ultrasound scan. No pregnancy signal or any signs at all and the pregnancy was smooth with nooo significant bout of vomiting at all.

Ahmad -- well, this one was real puzzle. IUCD was taken out 3 months before and precaution was really taken as we were not ready yet for another child even though Anis was already 2 years at that time. We had just settled into the new house in USJ and things at work are getting a bit crazy but Allah decided that it was best that we have another child at that time. Nothing unusual this year, I know that I was pregnant when I was one week late but this time the pregnancy allergy (alahan?) was real obvious - I can't cook, can't smell the heated cooking oil odor. Nauseous every evening and can't do much around the house when we got home - yes, I had evening sickness, no problem in the morning. Azlin had to do most of the work - from cooking to cleaning. I just mind the children. Luckily, I managed to wean Anis off breastfeed within 2 weeks after I find out that I was pregnant. I think Allah wanted to test us more since we're hoping for a boy this time. It was still a surprise when I finally gave birth to our first son - I still thought that there was some high chance that this one might be a girl again since Dr Delaila could not confirm since the scan didn't show testes.

ok...finally, how we got Alif - Ahmad was already 5. Prior to that, the girls had already been pestering Azlin and I and its time that we should have a baby. For over a year, Aina started asking since she was 7, I think. Then, my in-laws also said that we should try for another boy - especially after they'd seen Ahmad Sirhan playing with Barbie Doll (well - not the way the girls are playing) - we should give Ahmad a friend. One day, Ahmad came back from Taska and asked me to eat a lot so that my stomach will become bigger and then I will have a baby. It wasn't until Ahmad starts asking that finally Azlin asked me if I am sure about having another baby...when I said yes, then we just let things happened naturally. Alhamdulillah, few months later, I had conceived Alif -- the same thing that happened when I was pregnant with Ahmad, repeat - but even worse. I was nauseous almost the whole day - not just in the evening! I think, it went on even after I has passed 4 months into pregnancy. I was already 34 at the time I was pregnant with Alif - should not be a problem for 4th pregnancy, but this was the most challenging of all. I had threatened early delivery at 32 weeks and had to overnight at SJMC for 2 nights and constantly on drip to stop the contraction. Ahmad had been talking to the baby almost every night , asking the baby to come out cepat and he really listened to Ahmad!

Oh well...after going through 2 stressful pregnancies - Azlin decided that we had enough. His parents said we should have another one. Aina wants another adik so that the adik would be attached to her instead of Anis - she didn't pay much attention that both of the little adiks that she had are attached Anis and do not favor her at all...kesian dia, tapi masih tak tau how to layan adik to make the adik favor her. Ahmad wants a baby as well and Anis wants a little girl since she didn't get her wish for baby sister when we got Alif last time. Anyway... with surrounding being positive for another baby, I thought why not? Coming from a big family, I do love to have more children. But then again, when I think of how stressful it was for Azlin (well, it was ok for me, since I get to rest most of the time) and also having a baby still on breastmilk would not be favourable with the current project that I have on-going at work - I think 4 is enough. Alif loves to play with my stomach - said it is big and there's baby inside there. Naaw... I'm not pregnant - that's not why I start on this topic -- more to release my longing to have another baby in the house. I think I am ok now. Alif will always be a baby in the house:-) I need to be more vigilant that them stomach exercise....

Aina (13), Alif (4), Ahmad (9), Anis (11)

Full Name:

1- Aina Syasya binti Azlin (24-8-1995)

2- Anis Syaza binti Azlin (2-2-1997)

3- Ahmad Sirhan (19-10-1999) -- there's no more bin in his birth cert

4- Muhammad Alif Safwan (28-5-2004)

#5? In the children's dreams..:-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zulhijjah is Back

It's Haj time! Seems like most of everyone around me is going for Haj. Ustazah Masirah who teaches us (the Jln Plumbum 101/103 ladies) Fardhu Ain is going (again). My mom is going for Haj, I loose count for how many times. Few of my friends are going too. Elisa will be going from Saudi. Some friends had already performed the Haj...I wish them all the best, hope they will be in good health while performing the ibadah and come home safe and achieve Haji yang Mabrur...Amin..

I hope the time will come for me (and hubby too). We (well, I did for both of us) had filled up the registration forms, I think 4 or 5 years ago but probably it was not meant to be, tidak diperkenankan Allah, agaknya, we can never remember or make the time to submit the forms until it gotten lost somewhere when we moved from USJ to Shah Alam over 2 years ago. It wasn't until sometime early this year that we finally get to make the time to register - with a new form of course! And by that time, the year given to us was already 2012. I heard from my mom, those who register right now, will get year 2018!

Itu la, kalau Allah tak izinkan, whatever we do or tried to,memang takkan dipermudahkan. Some people have all the money but was not given the Hidayah to go. Some people have the Hidayah and the money but was not given the time to go. Some people have all the time, money and the petunjuk and ilmu but was not given the opportunity to go. Well, what about us? We have the money and we really want to go but right now no opportunity and the time to go. Azlin needs to wait till 2011 before he will get his Haj leave from the company. As for me, I need to start banking in my leaves into an account so that I'll have enough or close by 2011 to take the long leaves for Haj. At the moment, we dont have to think who will take care of the children yet - I guess, those will be taken care of when the time comes. On top of leaves, it's also good times to start strengthening and enriching ourselves with ilmu Hajj...semoga dipermudahkan Allah, insya Allah.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anis Attempt at Lily's Easy Gooey Yummy Brownies

When Anis wanted me to make pizza for her class's end of year, I was looking for excuses not to...and also alternatives. When I read Lily's FB notes on the brownies and there were so many takers who had tried, improvise and commend it, I suggested the same to Anis. Of course, less sugar (only 1.5 cups) and no walnuts coz Anis doesn't like nuts in cake, chocolate or any meals.

So, last Monday night, I took out all the ingredients, guide her on measuring the ingredients and turn on the oven for her. She whoosh my hands away whenever I want to help, so, in the end I left her alone. She called me when the mixture are done and its time to transfer them into the baking tin. Here's the pictorial form:-)

The brownies - few minutes after it came out from the over. The middle portion was not really cooked - it ballooned in the middle (tak sempat ambil the ballooned picture) and then slowly, as it cooled, it dipped in the middle.... I cut it out ... actually I was looking for the gooey parts...

the gooey parts finished faster - Anis loves it, even the uncooked batter got cleaned by her tongue!

It's right in the middle of course -- that's when I gave her lesson # ???? how to test if the cake/brownies are done. But anyhow, after taking it out from the tray, it did look so much better.


  • Ummi (myself la) : Taste real good. Friends in the office also said so. I love it when it was still warm -- crusty on top and soft down below
  • Abah: Well, Azlin (Abah) said keras (hard) but changed his mind on the next day - taste better on the 2nd day. Anis responded by saying "Of course la keras sikit (a little bit hard), this is brownies, not cake!"
  • Ahmad: Hmm....sedap(delicious). This is definitely not cake. Not creamy enough for a cake but sedap!
  • Alif: Ada kacang tak? Takde? Aaa....*ngap!*

She baked the brownies again on Tuesday night - in time for the party on Wednesday, the one baked on Monday night had long gone by Tuesday evening. And this time, the brownies cooked well - no more dip in the middle. No picture taken for the second attempt - this one, no-one in the house got a taste, all for her friends.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The trail of Alif's ... (dot dot dot)

This is the trail of what happen if you let Alif runs around and become too active. He will start coughing and need to beware when he does that, he will leave behind some presents on the floor. Warning! This could be yucky for some you:P

Trail #1
We stopped at Fella Design at Damansara after dropping Aina Syasya at her school near TTDI. It was a happy occasion for the boys, lots of nice furniture and beds and sofa to hop on. Near where the exclusive marble dining table, Alif stopped for awhile, and the next thing we know, wolla...he had spill it off on the floor. Luckily it was just some gluey sticky reddish clear thing. It went straight to one of his slippers. So he just hopped on with the other slipper (selipar) to Daddy and left behind the one with his bile. Oh wasn't a lot and I do have to carry that piece of thing back, so, I took out the tissue paper from my handbag and wipe off whatever got stuck on his slipper and a little bit on the floor....

Trail #2
We've had a hearty family birthday celebration meal at Chilis last weekend. Azlin's 38th birthday (yes, he's younger than me for 6 months and he loves to mention it- that I'm older than him). Anyway, after the meal and Maghrib prayer at the newly discovered surau in the new wing of OU, we took a walk in the mall. As usual, Alif and Ahmad would run ahead - always chasing something that I can never figure out. Azlin walked ahead to look for the shop. We were actually looking for Ahmad's birthday gift - he wanted some additional games for his gameboy. When we reached a restaurant called "Charms", Alif suddenly stopped. Make a confuse face and suddenly -- voila! A lot of yucky gluey red-white thing came out. Must have been some of the kids cheesy pizza and tostada chips! Plus lots of liquid which could be the 100Plus that he drank. I panicked for awhile. Do not know how to react other than scolding him for running. Then, I slowly took out my spare tissue paper, wipe his mouth and walk away. Left the bile which was in between the restaurant (they had kind of additional tables outside the main shop, next the walkway). On the way back, we took a different path - walk on the opposite side of the restaurant - I can't really see if the stuffs had been cleaned or not but I can see the eyes of the workers on us -we were, I guess kind of noticeable group after that incident. What can I do, I could not really clean those thing with just a small pack of tissue paper! No tools to clean!
What do you do in such situation? Apologize and leave?

When we were in a factory outlet in US sometime in April this year, I think it was Nike shop - Alif peed somewhere in between small wooden chair and display rack - ok, he cannot hold it anymore The moment he said I wanna pee, the whole thing comes out. Nothing much that we can do also except to use his pants to wipe them liquid off and took him to the quite a distance washroom to wash off. The staff there, I think were clueless as to what happen:-) Well, accident do happen sometime....