Sunday, November 16, 2008

Move It! "I'm Frozing!"

As soon as Azlin was feeling a little bit better today, we went out. Few things need to get - Anis's new glasses (which we had postponed for quite a while) and Ahmad wanted to get a replacement of his Ben10 PS2 games which doesn't work. So, we set ourselves to Carrefour, SJ. The PS2 games settled but Anis couldn't find the frames that she wanted - all plastic, white or transparent color and not too thick that it pokes her face. Oh, it also needs to be round. So much requirement, we've been to at least 5 shops and still couldn't find the one that she wants. Dia ingat macam nak beli baju - can ask for different size. Anyway, we walked to SP from Carrefour and finally find the frame on the 3rd shops.
When we wanted to go back it was raining cats and dogs! When it subsided a little, Azlin made a dash to Carrefour and we all waited in front of SP. It was still raining when he arrived, we had to make a run to get into the car.
Alif, with his 2 little hands on his head, ran and hop to the car. As soon as he arrived, he said,"Quick! Move it! I'm frrooozing!" His pants and shirt was a bit wet and it was a bit cold in the car with the aircond on. Maybe he meant freezing or was it frozen?
Anyway, he was wearing 2 layers of clothing at the time (kids!insist on wearing his favourite home-clothes) - so, I took off his jeans pants and collar shirt. He just smiled and said, "I'm all dry now;-)"

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