Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zulhijjah is Back

It's Haj time! Seems like most of everyone around me is going for Haj. Ustazah Masirah who teaches us (the Jln Plumbum 101/103 ladies) Fardhu Ain is going (again). My mom is going for Haj, I loose count for how many times. Few of my friends are going too. Elisa will be going from Saudi. Some friends had already performed the Haj...I wish them all the best, hope they will be in good health while performing the ibadah and come home safe and achieve Haji yang Mabrur...Amin..

I hope the time will come for me (and hubby too). We (well, I did for both of us) had filled up the registration forms, I think 4 or 5 years ago but probably it was not meant to be, tidak diperkenankan Allah, agaknya, we can never remember or make the time to submit the forms until it gotten lost somewhere when we moved from USJ to Shah Alam over 2 years ago. It wasn't until sometime early this year that we finally get to make the time to register - with a new form of course! And by that time, the year given to us was already 2012. I heard from my mom, those who register right now, will get year 2018!

Itu la, kalau Allah tak izinkan, whatever we do or tried to,memang takkan dipermudahkan. Some people have all the money but was not given the Hidayah to go. Some people have the Hidayah and the money but was not given the time to go. Some people have all the time, money and the petunjuk and ilmu but was not given the opportunity to go. Well, what about us? We have the money and we really want to go but right now no opportunity and the time to go. Azlin needs to wait till 2011 before he will get his Haj leave from the company. As for me, I need to start banking in my leaves into an account so that I'll have enough or close by 2011 to take the long leaves for Haj. At the moment, we dont have to think who will take care of the children yet - I guess, those will be taken care of when the time comes. On top of leaves, it's also good times to start strengthening and enriching ourselves with ilmu Hajj...semoga dipermudahkan Allah, insya Allah.

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  1. Insya-Allah, your time will come, sooner or later..
    Maybe nak kena tunggu Alif besar sikit, so that tak rasa sedih sangat tinggal dia lama2.
    One of the main reason we are going now is the hajj length is just 10 days for us here. Kalau kat Malaysia, kena tinggal sebulan lebih, I dont think I sampai hati nak tinggal my kids that long.