Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Cousins

Alif and the little girls around him....come to think of it, his little cousins are all girls. He's kind of the last boy born in the immediate family from both sides (mine and Azlin's)

Alif(28-5-04) and Balqis(6-6-04) - they're only 9 days apart.

Alif and Balqis now and when they were younger (<1>

And then there's little Aisya - who comes to our house on weekdays.

Cousins - Wan Batrisya Balqis and Wan Qaisara Qistina

oh...there's the neighbor friends - also girls!

Aqilah (3) and Alisa(5) - new and used to be best friend Alif sekejap until he suddenly discover no "girl" friends from school:-)

I can't resist putting this one up - Alif and Alisa when the area was being fogged due to Aedes. He can't hold still and need to jump to create the camera effect:-)

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  1. Correction Name of your niece:
    1. Wan Nurqaisara Balqis
    2. Wan Nurqistina Batrisyia