Friday, November 21, 2008


Wuhu...a lot to count down this coming weeks...

1) Bro-IL's engagement -- 2 more days
2) KLIA Aviation Depoh visit -- 4 more days
3) My mom flying off to Mekah -- 4 more days (same day with KLIA thingy)
4) Family vacation at Bukit Tinggi (Colmar Tropicale Resort), one night je...8 more days
5) My Cousin's wedding - whole family going back to KT -- 14 more days
6) Finally...My flight to Inchon, Korea -- 21 more days! many things to do...

* not much preparation for the rest, but Korea trip, a lot to prepare!
Nak kena buat presentation lagi for the mini Seminar with the Korean, making sure I got all info from the delegates, souveniers for the Koreans sides... I wonder if my winter jacket from old days in Madison still good enough to wear or not, hopefully it is, dont want to spend on winter clothing (not going on company's expense laa...)

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