Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Penang International Airport in February 2011

Captured from inside an aircraft

Currently under major construction . Noisy, messy.. name it. 
There's lotsa food outlet:
  • Kenny Rogers Roaster at Arrival Hall (with free wifi - a fast one, nice and cozy setting)
  • Pinang Kopi tiam - just outside the airport. Menu like mamak shop menu when je
  • McDonald at Departure Hall - also has free wifi
  • Coffee Bean, opposite of McDonald, just beside departure gate
  • Dairy Farm(?) -- the one that sells sweet corn in cup, ice kimo and assorted waffle
  • Famous Amos - also at Departure Hall
  • I think there's something like food court at Arrival Hall (actually they've quite a number of food outlet at Arrival hall as well - I can't recall, there's nothing significant, I think)
  • there's a lot more 
All these outlets are outside at the hall - which is quite congested. Once you go inside, there's not much
Free wifi available all around the airport by CAMYD. I tried to get in via my mobile, not so friendly from mobile I guess. I didn't try to get in using laptop coz I decided to use the one at Kenny Rogers. The departure hall was pretty busy this evening (23 Feb 2011). 

Inside the domestic departure where all the gates are located seems pretty narrow. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the moment - it was too crowded. They've many stalls left and right.

Surau - it was at Arrival hall, behind Kenny Rogers. There's telekung available inside the surau with ablution facilities. The washroom would be kind of on the way to the surau. Another small surau would be inside the departure hall/gates? All the way at the end, near Gate 12&13.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

School Year - 2011

Aina ... back to Sek Men Tahfiz IQKL - she needs to "khatam" her quran before we can decide where she should go if the school academics has not improve much in preparation for her SPM in 2012.  So far, Aina has been giving positive comments. Probably because now she has made up her mind not to move. 

Anis ... we decided to keep her home... still. Found her a new transport to come home, through Kak Maz, my line dance instructor. It was convenient for mummy but not for Anis as now she comes home late everyday and has to go kind of stay inside the van for almost 1.5 before reaching home. The trips that has to be made up to Port Klang. As usual, she'll just sleep it off. She has indicated her intention to go back to hostel life in Form 3. 

Ahmad .. he asked and asked but was not granted.. to move school. He refused to give his reason but we decided to just let him finish his Year 6 as SRIIMDE.  Just one more year. Its too risky to move him to SRAI, together with Alif at the time when we dont even know the school's performance and programs. He has resigned to the facts that he has to stay on. Lotsa activities for him this year

Alif .. this guy is tricky. Panjang akal. School is no longer fun for him coz it's all studies, not enough time to play. Not like Salsabiila :)  For the last 1.5 months, there'll be one day a week when he comes up with excuse not to go to school. And when he made up his mind, nothing can change it. You can't even force him to do what you want. There'll be hell to pay. Anyway, I don't like to force him either. Just take something away from him if he doesn't go to school, like TV, games,etc... but no effects on him. He doesn't care. Being at home is good enough for him. Homely boy, this one. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Alif in Year 1

Alif in his new school ...

Orientation day:
Excited .. orientation day 
And then.. 1st day of school in Jan....
He's smiling ... before school 

2nd Day ... in school

I'm sad... I wanna go home... 
Umi asked the HEM to help .. didn't work much though ... 
Getting "counselling" by HEM -- don't think he understands much :)

okay...Umi found out how to help him and ask this boy to please be friend with Alif, and make sure to take Alif with him when its time for break.
This is how I found him after school .. with his new friend.  Problem solved..

And on Friday ... before going home, again... another noodles session . 

But this time .. notice there's no more water bottle from home? He learnt to buy drinks from the stalls instead of carrying his water bottle from class coz Aiman didn't do it either...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

26 February 2011

I tried to update this blog from Ipad... but can only do title and tag and change font. The body is not writable. And whoom! the post was published. Empty... (intro je ni)

26 February will mark the busiest day, at least in the morning. I haven't decided yet whether I will make myself busy or not. As usual, Ahmad will have his UPSR/PSRA class. If I calculate correctly, this Saturday is for UPSR, then 26th will be for PSRA. Thus, he will need to be picked up at 1:30 pm. Then, possibly, possibly, Alif will have his sukan. I wrote possibly coz there's no words from the school yet. Unless if the letter sent went missing from his school bag. My gym friend - Zu who is one of the PTA told me. Just now, ICLS called me. Korean Intermediate class will begin that day as well. Which is fine, I'll have the class at the same time with Anis (she's taking Korean Beginner 2 - skipped Beginner 1, learnt on her own - proud of her!). Those 2 classes will be held at the same time and about the same time DH has to go on his out of country business trip... waa... camana nak manage ni?

Send Ahmad to school by 8am. Then go to Mydin from grocery. If Alif has his sports day, cancel Mydin, then send Alif to school -don't know the time table for this one yet. Then, pick up Anis at home and sent her to ICLS. Or bring back ALif from school, with the hope that his event is over (what if he wins?) - say sayonara to DH? and send Anis to ICLS and stay there till 1pm. Then pick up Ahmad at school at 1:30pm. By that time DH dah pergi. Or ditch the first Inter class and send Anis to ICLS and return home to spend more time with DH before he has to go and then go back to ICLS in the remaining time available and together with Anis wait till Ahmad finish his class then return home. Oh wait, ex-TI friends is doing some gathering for hi-tea at 3pm. Already said not going... but it looks like possible to go? Possible I'll be too tired by then...

anyway... going to Penang next week. G Hotel already fully booked. So, I'll be staying at Evergreen Laurel (?) .. maybe I can write about that hotel while I am there.