Thursday, February 17, 2011

26 February 2011

I tried to update this blog from Ipad... but can only do title and tag and change font. The body is not writable. And whoom! the post was published. Empty... (intro je ni)

26 February will mark the busiest day, at least in the morning. I haven't decided yet whether I will make myself busy or not. As usual, Ahmad will have his UPSR/PSRA class. If I calculate correctly, this Saturday is for UPSR, then 26th will be for PSRA. Thus, he will need to be picked up at 1:30 pm. Then, possibly, possibly, Alif will have his sukan. I wrote possibly coz there's no words from the school yet. Unless if the letter sent went missing from his school bag. My gym friend - Zu who is one of the PTA told me. Just now, ICLS called me. Korean Intermediate class will begin that day as well. Which is fine, I'll have the class at the same time with Anis (she's taking Korean Beginner 2 - skipped Beginner 1, learnt on her own - proud of her!). Those 2 classes will be held at the same time and about the same time DH has to go on his out of country business trip... waa... camana nak manage ni?

Send Ahmad to school by 8am. Then go to Mydin from grocery. If Alif has his sports day, cancel Mydin, then send Alif to school -don't know the time table for this one yet. Then, pick up Anis at home and sent her to ICLS. Or bring back ALif from school, with the hope that his event is over (what if he wins?) - say sayonara to DH? and send Anis to ICLS and stay there till 1pm. Then pick up Ahmad at school at 1:30pm. By that time DH dah pergi. Or ditch the first Inter class and send Anis to ICLS and return home to spend more time with DH before he has to go and then go back to ICLS in the remaining time available and together with Anis wait till Ahmad finish his class then return home. Oh wait, ex-TI friends is doing some gathering for hi-tea at 3pm. Already said not going... but it looks like possible to go? Possible I'll be too tired by then...

anyway... going to Penang next week. G Hotel already fully booked. So, I'll be staying at Evergreen Laurel (?) .. maybe I can write about that hotel while I am there.

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