Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog Resolutions

I never believe in New Year's resolution.. coz it always stays that way. Most of the time. So to me, there's no such thing as making resolution during new year. I can make it anytime.. just that most of the time, it happens around new years's time. Coz that's about time when we're the most busy and also had more time at home since either we had to finish off leaves, or had to take leaves from work to take care of errands at home, mostly for the kids. I think I am rambling nonsense here.. sorry!

ok, anyway... in the past few months since my last update .. I always had ideas coming on, on what I should write and what I want to write on my blog but most of the time, it stays there on my head:) I guess that's what happen with many people ... but I figure I should have a list of reference that I can refer to anytime I get the mood to write on what i should write .. so, friends, if you read this entry, and feel that you had interest in the following topics, do vote in the comment. Then, i will give a priority to write that topic first :)

1) Hotels that I have been to while traveling for work or vacation-- this should include pictures of the rooms (if I took any), comment on the facilities that I tried and its surrounding. Any other useful info that I can remember
2) The airports in Malaysia that I've been to (state airport)- what's in that airport and some other probably useful information either for my reference if ever I had to go back there..
3) Alif's First Week in School
4) Aina's PMR experience with IQKL -- from before, during and while taking the results
5) Photobook? the ones that I have made - references and my experience
6) More on Alif's? He seems the one to have most event among the kids! -- his 6th birthday in Salsabiila, the Sports Day...
7) Line Dancing .. (ha ha - my passion)
8) My house renovation experience
9) Anis's book that I never make the time to read ..

This should be enough for now.. maybe will take me more than a year to write all these...

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