Monday, October 25, 2010

Life Update

There's so many topics for me to blog but until now .. you know la. I want to continue the story of my life pun tak terbuat.'s some update

1) Its almost 3 months now .. Kak Su, my live-in helper will be returning from her hometown this Sunday night. Semoga Allah permudahkan. Can't believe that I had survived without a helper for almost 3 months already. Of course, most of the housework was done DH, but hey, I did my share too... I was gonna blog about what happen when she wants to go back to Indonesia about 3 months ago, it was kinda funny. Maybe I will, much much later...

2) Aina has finished her PMR. And is now back in her school in IQKL, Taman Tun. She extended her PMR leaves for another week by banging her feet and broke her nail :( I can still hear her scream in the clinic when the Dr gave her the anaesthetic shot on her 2nd toes. It was 4 shots, I think. She got to continue with her Hafazan, the last 'tasmik' was 5 or 6 months ago. Her request to learn Japanese language during the weekend has been rejected by DH .. the time is not suitable.

3) Anis is having her final exam now. She has been so so.. into the Korean language. Unfortunately there is no class available for her. I taught her a bit, then she took my book, and my dictionary and then continue learning the language online. Hmm... her interest in studying has reduced a bit though she did claimed that she studied, enough. We'll see. We need to get her transfers to SAMTAJ next year, and this final year exam result is one of the tool to get her accepted , if she does well....

4) Ahmad... still get hungry soon after meal. He needs to lose weight, much more now so that he can be faster while playing soccer. Favourite past time now. Soccer in PS2, soccer shows in TV, soccer everyday after school and now we send him to soccer club every Sunday. It is run by ex-Malaysian player, very dedicated group of coaches, teach out of interest. Now, he wants to alternate his Tae Kwan Do with soccer instead of taking on the TaeKwanDo at different center. We don't want him to stop now .. he's doing so well in TaeKwanDo - red belt now. Study wise - he asked for Math tuition pulak. He's already on BM and Science. BM because he needs it, Science because he likes it. He was ok on his own with Maths, but lately ni, dah menurun prestasi dia. Anyway, I told him I'll think about it, plus I don't know any Math teacher yet for him. He didn't manage to get highest score in final exam this year and had in passing said, "tak payah la pergi Ihtifal this year"... much to his Kakak's dissapointment.

5) Alif .. we just talked with his Taska teachers yesterday. Anak manja tu.. He has shown tremendous improvement in the 2nd half of the year, but he is still slow to pick up new lessons. More because of focus -suka khayal. Main feedback was .. he needs a one to one lesson to excel. His good friends are mostly kids that are nice, no troublemakers. Almost never got punished for any wrong doings, and most of the time speak English in school and keep reminding his friends to speak English. So much so, that he had problems with his Bahasa. Well, speaking is not much of a problem, more on the grammar. He did direct translation in some phrases. Did not know Mango and Grapes in Bahasa and had his sentences arrange wrongly.... one funny thing that i recall, he spelt "daun" as "dawun" - that's how he pronounce "daun" anyway. At 6, masih pelat a little bit when he speaks in Bahasa.

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