Monday, September 12, 2016

What's Going On....

Life has been filled with lotsa meaningful and wasteful stuffs as well...

1) Weekly night classes at neighbour's house are somthing to look forward to. Not just about learning and hoping to gain pleasure from Allah swt but also building ukhuwah with the jemaah...
2) TME Acadamy - gotta write about this separately. The online via Skype classes on Quran recitation and memorization -- loving them!
3) Of course work and family .. the usual.  We have new addition to the family from brother-in-law who is at the age where everyone enjoys looking, cuddling, hugging, kissing and playing with. The girls will ask "When are we going to see Ali?" or "Are we seeing Ali?" everytime they come home during weekend ..

and the wasteful thing ... cannot stop myself from continuing wasting time watching them  Korean drama :) ... aigoo... this is the latest -- it was good!  Suspicious Partner --

the main leads lure me to watch it. the story was light and entertaining ....  ok, this activity seems to be the opposite of the #1 and #2 activities above ...err...
Come Back for A Short Visit 

Something somehow triggered me to visit this blog site again. Wowee.... I didn't realized that I had kind of abandoned it for over 3 years already! I guess blogging is not so popular anymore or it's just me that has been lazy in keeping this up - kind of my secret diary, heh! :)

What should I say then .. after a long long time has passed and we meet again , my blog space?

* Long Time No See
* 오랜만이에요! (o-laen manni aeyo!)
* Lange nicht gesehen
* ça fait longtemps

saying the term in the languages that I had learnt (minus Arabic :) )

Maybe I will come back and revive my writing again. Auf wiedersehen...