Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Penang International Airport in February 2011

Captured from inside an aircraft

Currently under major construction . Noisy, messy.. name it. 
There's lotsa food outlet:
  • Kenny Rogers Roaster at Arrival Hall (with free wifi - a fast one, nice and cozy setting)
  • Pinang Kopi tiam - just outside the airport. Menu like mamak shop menu when je
  • McDonald at Departure Hall - also has free wifi
  • Coffee Bean, opposite of McDonald, just beside departure gate
  • Dairy Farm(?) -- the one that sells sweet corn in cup, ice kimo and assorted waffle
  • Famous Amos - also at Departure Hall
  • I think there's something like food court at Arrival Hall (actually they've quite a number of food outlet at Arrival hall as well - I can't recall, there's nothing significant, I think)
  • there's a lot more 
All these outlets are outside at the hall - which is quite congested. Once you go inside, there's not much
Free wifi available all around the airport by CAMYD. I tried to get in via my mobile, not so friendly from mobile I guess. I didn't try to get in using laptop coz I decided to use the one at Kenny Rogers. The departure hall was pretty busy this evening (23 Feb 2011). 

Inside the domestic departure where all the gates are located seems pretty narrow. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the moment - it was too crowded. They've many stalls left and right.

Surau - it was at Arrival hall, behind Kenny Rogers. There's telekung available inside the surau with ablution facilities. The washroom would be kind of on the way to the surau. Another small surau would be inside the departure hall/gates? All the way at the end, near Gate 12&13.

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