Friday, February 18, 2011

Alif in Year 1

Alif in his new school ...

Orientation day:
Excited .. orientation day 
And then.. 1st day of school in Jan....
He's smiling ... before school 

2nd Day ... in school

I'm sad... I wanna go home... 
Umi asked the HEM to help .. didn't work much though ... 
Getting "counselling" by HEM -- don't think he understands much :)

okay...Umi found out how to help him and ask this boy to please be friend with Alif, and make sure to take Alif with him when its time for break.
This is how I found him after school .. with his new friend.  Problem solved..

And on Friday ... before going home, again... another noodles session . 

But this time .. notice there's no more water bottle from home? He learnt to buy drinks from the stalls instead of carrying his water bottle from class coz Aiman didn't do it either...

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