Sunday, February 20, 2011

School Year - 2011

Aina ... back to Sek Men Tahfiz IQKL - she needs to "khatam" her quran before we can decide where she should go if the school academics has not improve much in preparation for her SPM in 2012.  So far, Aina has been giving positive comments. Probably because now she has made up her mind not to move. 

Anis ... we decided to keep her home... still. Found her a new transport to come home, through Kak Maz, my line dance instructor. It was convenient for mummy but not for Anis as now she comes home late everyday and has to go kind of stay inside the van for almost 1.5 before reaching home. The trips that has to be made up to Port Klang. As usual, she'll just sleep it off. She has indicated her intention to go back to hostel life in Form 3. 

Ahmad .. he asked and asked but was not granted.. to move school. He refused to give his reason but we decided to just let him finish his Year 6 as SRIIMDE.  Just one more year. Its too risky to move him to SRAI, together with Alif at the time when we dont even know the school's performance and programs. He has resigned to the facts that he has to stay on. Lotsa activities for him this year

Alif .. this guy is tricky. Panjang akal. School is no longer fun for him coz it's all studies, not enough time to play. Not like Salsabiila :)  For the last 1.5 months, there'll be one day a week when he comes up with excuse not to go to school. And when he made up his mind, nothing can change it. You can't even force him to do what you want. There'll be hell to pay. Anyway, I don't like to force him either. Just take something away from him if he doesn't go to school, like TV, games,etc... but no effects on him. He doesn't care. Being at home is good enough for him. Homely boy, this one. 

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  1. Aidiin ok bila nak gi sekolah, but lemah semangat 'jatuh bahu' bila tiba time ada assignments... :P