Thursday, November 13, 2008

14th Years Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! Yes, married for 14 years, going into 15! With 4 kids, moved houses 3 times.... Reflection of the years together...

Got married on 13-11-1994
Year 1 (1995) - celebrate with a 3 months old daughter and just bought ourselves a new house in USJ with FAMA's help
Year 2 (1996) pregnant with 2nd child
Year 3 (1997) we got 2 little girls and just got the key to our new house in USJ
Year 4 (1998) Finally had moved into our new house, also with FAMA's help in the renovation
Year 5 (1999) Just got our first son - 3 roses for the 3 children that we have
let's just skip the rest (hey, i still remember what happened in each year! almost)

And this more roses, this is the flowers that I got. Thank you dear - I love you too!


  1. happy anniversary :)

    percaya tak, last year BOTH famyBoy and I forgot our anniversary!! sebab dia outstation during that period, and i was just super-busy during that time handling segala-gala. we only remembered the week after. hahaha. tapi sebab dua-dua orang lupa, all was forgiven ;)

    this year insyaAllah tak lupa. hee hee hee

  2. I yang selalu pelupa. Azlin always remember. I almost pergi KK on the anniversary day - I actually forgot tapi nasib baik tak jadi and then dia ingatkan that - the date is our anniversary -- sahih lupa kalau tak (almost every year cam tu!) Bengang dia