Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anis Attempt at Lily's Easy Gooey Yummy Brownies

When Anis wanted me to make pizza for her class's end of year, I was looking for excuses not to...and also alternatives. When I read Lily's FB notes on the brownies and there were so many takers who had tried, improvise and commend it, I suggested the same to Anis. Of course, less sugar (only 1.5 cups) and no walnuts coz Anis doesn't like nuts in cake, chocolate or any meals.

So, last Monday night, I took out all the ingredients, guide her on measuring the ingredients and turn on the oven for her. She whoosh my hands away whenever I want to help, so, in the end I left her alone. She called me when the mixture are done and its time to transfer them into the baking tin. Here's the pictorial form:-)

The brownies - few minutes after it came out from the over. The middle portion was not really cooked - it ballooned in the middle (tak sempat ambil the ballooned picture) and then slowly, as it cooled, it dipped in the middle.... I cut it out ... actually I was looking for the gooey parts...

the gooey parts finished faster - Anis loves it, even the uncooked batter got cleaned by her tongue!

It's right in the middle of course -- that's when I gave her lesson # ???? how to test if the cake/brownies are done. But anyhow, after taking it out from the tray, it did look so much better.


  • Ummi (myself la) : Taste real good. Friends in the office also said so. I love it when it was still warm -- crusty on top and soft down below
  • Abah: Well, Azlin (Abah) said keras (hard) but changed his mind on the next day - taste better on the 2nd day. Anis responded by saying "Of course la keras sikit (a little bit hard), this is brownies, not cake!"
  • Ahmad: Hmm....sedap(delicious). This is definitely not cake. Not creamy enough for a cake but sedap!
  • Alif: Ada kacang tak? Takde? Aaa....*ngap!*

She baked the brownies again on Tuesday night - in time for the party on Wednesday, the one baked on Monday night had long gone by Tuesday evening. And this time, the brownies cooked well - no more dip in the middle. No picture taken for the second attempt - this one, no-one in the house got a taste, all for her friends.


  1. senag, dan sedap, kan???

  2. they look so yummy, I love brownies, especially those that are made at home. :D

  3. Elisa...yes! really senang and sedap. Even better now, I can just ask the girl to bake it for the family:-)

    Chica - agree with you.