Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Baby?

The kids have been bugging us to have another baby. Alif is already 4 and not much fun to play with anymore for them. So, for them, it's time to have another baby.

Aina Syasya (13) made a case about her friend's mother who she said about the same age with me, having another baby - she hasn't seen my friend Marina pregnant with her 4th one yet, otherwise, she would put that as another point why I could still have another baby. Yeaa..I've been telling them that I am now too old to have another baby:-) And no energy to take care of the young ones at night anymore....of course they said they'd help but you know kids, now you see them and the next thing you know they're gone doing their own stuffs, and you were left alone to mend the little one.

I have 4 kids. Of the 4 kids, only the 4th one was planned to have. The first three were all Allah's gift when we didn't ask for (to put unplanned nicely). I learnt that you shouldn't say the word "accident" for a baby in Taiwan series - Fated to Love You (its showing in TV now, but with a different title - I watched this series thru Coincidentally, they were all born 2 years apart - in terms of years of course. That's the beauty of breastfeeding - Allah planned the space for you, just nice:-)

When I had Aina, we had just been married for I think about 5 or 6 weeks. I thought I had some infection so Azlin and I went to see a gynae. Turned out that I was pregnant which was a surprise, it couldn't be that fast. The urine test came out with "faintly positive" but the ultrasound scan showed a dot. Hard to confirm at 5 weeks, Dr Nora said so, I had to come back in 2 weeks time for another scan and urine test. That's how we know that we're pregnant with Aina. Not much problem when I was having Aina, my stomach was small. Not many people know that I was pregnant - my stomach only showed when Aina was about 7 going into 8 months, then the size escalated quite fast - I gained about 2 kg/week in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy.

With Anis, it was unexpected as well. Aina was only 10 months at that time. I was still breastfeeding her, though not in full - stopped pumping when she was 6 months. Period only came once when Aina was a little into 8 months. Thought it was some hormone problem, that's why there's no more period after that short one. It wasn't until I really started looking into the mirror and noticed that my stomach was a little bit rounder than usual and when I poked, it felt a bit harder than the usual fat droopy thing. Could I be pregnant? Went to pharmacy and bought that self-urine test and gotten positive results! So, we went back to Dr Nora to confirm - true enough I was already 7 weeks pregnant when she did the ultrasound scan. No pregnancy signal or any signs at all and the pregnancy was smooth with nooo significant bout of vomiting at all.

Ahmad -- well, this one was real puzzle. IUCD was taken out 3 months before and precaution was really taken as we were not ready yet for another child even though Anis was already 2 years at that time. We had just settled into the new house in USJ and things at work are getting a bit crazy but Allah decided that it was best that we have another child at that time. Nothing unusual this year, I know that I was pregnant when I was one week late but this time the pregnancy allergy (alahan?) was real obvious - I can't cook, can't smell the heated cooking oil odor. Nauseous every evening and can't do much around the house when we got home - yes, I had evening sickness, no problem in the morning. Azlin had to do most of the work - from cooking to cleaning. I just mind the children. Luckily, I managed to wean Anis off breastfeed within 2 weeks after I find out that I was pregnant. I think Allah wanted to test us more since we're hoping for a boy this time. It was still a surprise when I finally gave birth to our first son - I still thought that there was some high chance that this one might be a girl again since Dr Delaila could not confirm since the scan didn't show testes.

ok...finally, how we got Alif - Ahmad was already 5. Prior to that, the girls had already been pestering Azlin and I and its time that we should have a baby. For over a year, Aina started asking since she was 7, I think. Then, my in-laws also said that we should try for another boy - especially after they'd seen Ahmad Sirhan playing with Barbie Doll (well - not the way the girls are playing) - we should give Ahmad a friend. One day, Ahmad came back from Taska and asked me to eat a lot so that my stomach will become bigger and then I will have a baby. It wasn't until Ahmad starts asking that finally Azlin asked me if I am sure about having another baby...when I said yes, then we just let things happened naturally. Alhamdulillah, few months later, I had conceived Alif -- the same thing that happened when I was pregnant with Ahmad, repeat - but even worse. I was nauseous almost the whole day - not just in the evening! I think, it went on even after I has passed 4 months into pregnancy. I was already 34 at the time I was pregnant with Alif - should not be a problem for 4th pregnancy, but this was the most challenging of all. I had threatened early delivery at 32 weeks and had to overnight at SJMC for 2 nights and constantly on drip to stop the contraction. Ahmad had been talking to the baby almost every night , asking the baby to come out cepat and he really listened to Ahmad!

Oh well...after going through 2 stressful pregnancies - Azlin decided that we had enough. His parents said we should have another one. Aina wants another adik so that the adik would be attached to her instead of Anis - she didn't pay much attention that both of the little adiks that she had are attached Anis and do not favor her at all...kesian dia, tapi masih tak tau how to layan adik to make the adik favor her. Ahmad wants a baby as well and Anis wants a little girl since she didn't get her wish for baby sister when we got Alif last time. Anyway... with surrounding being positive for another baby, I thought why not? Coming from a big family, I do love to have more children. But then again, when I think of how stressful it was for Azlin (well, it was ok for me, since I get to rest most of the time) and also having a baby still on breastmilk would not be favourable with the current project that I have on-going at work - I think 4 is enough. Alif loves to play with my stomach - said it is big and there's baby inside there. Naaw... I'm not pregnant - that's not why I start on this topic -- more to release my longing to have another baby in the house. I think I am ok now. Alif will always be a baby in the house:-) I need to be more vigilant that them stomach exercise....

Aina (13), Alif (4), Ahmad (9), Anis (11)

Full Name:

1- Aina Syasya binti Azlin (24-8-1995)

2- Anis Syaza binti Azlin (2-2-1997)

3- Ahmad Sirhan (19-10-1999) -- there's no more bin in his birth cert

4- Muhammad Alif Safwan (28-5-2004)

#5? In the children's dreams..:-)

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