Saturday, June 23, 2012

Walimatul Urus

I went to a waliimah or wedding banquet today .. Actually, has been going to waliimah every week ever since the school holiday started. Different variations in the way family managed their waliimah.

My neighbor did her research on who should be invited - they are your relatives, neighbors, friends and there should be mix of the poor as well, thus most walimah now will also include orphans in the list of invitees. If we are invited to a walimah, it is our duty to try our best to fulfill the invitation.

As I went through all these waliimah, I was thinking of how I shud arrange waliimah for my children, if my Allah gives me the chance to see my children getting married. How to make it happenings with berkat..maybe continuous servings of zikir and doa, not just one doa before the bride and groom's , of course no pelamin, maybe just a nice spot to take pictures, without making it look like pelamin - I have no idea how to do this though- too early to think. This is just brainstorming session, ok:) what else? I guess there are many other ways. Have to start taking inventory and attend more weddings to get more

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  1. Sabrina,

    My friend had a khutbah about marriage n children before her nikah. Good refresher for us parents and fulfilling for those still single.

    For the pictures, you can always set up photo booth whereby guests can take their pics with the bride & groom.