Monday, December 15, 2008

Food In Korea

Winter is cold, really cold, well maybe not as cold as Wisconsin when I lived there once upon a time, but it is still cold that "smoke" comes out from your mouth as you slowly blow soft breezes in the wind:-)

My impression on Korean food was dumbfounded after all! The taste was not just acceptable, but there were good. Of course cabbage Kimchi is still a little too much soury and hot for me.

Here's Rice"Bi-Bim Bak" - it's all vegetables+egg

Once we've mixed all the vege with rice - taste quite good. Rice is definitely glutinous-ly like

I need to go back to sleep -- will update more. We had very good dinner at Korean restaurant today. - signing out from SIVAT Dormitory, Incheon Korea - trying to decipher all the Korean characters on my screen ....

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