Monday, December 29, 2008

Quiet Moments

I wont be posting much post as I am back on Korean drama spree right now. It all started when I was in Korea - the internet connection there was fabolous! So, I started watching and downloading 1% of Anything... beautiful story. And then, when I come back to Malaysia, I started on the box that I bought last time and watched "The Perfect Neighbour" -that was nice too! Azlin watched together and we spent the weekend finishing all the 20 episodes, of course, there's break with errands in between.
And at the same time, i am also trying to finish up Three Dads One Mom, online (and also downloaded on my phone) - its quite funny. Found out that 8TV is showing the same show right now dailies at 8:30pm, but its in Mandarin - takde ummph lansung! I want to hear Korean words from Korean people, not Mandarin.
There's few more series lining on top of my DVD player box and also of course, on, I don't know when I'll get to finish the write up about Korea that I had started last week as I am busy watching Korean dramas right now...:-)

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