Friday, December 12, 2008

Going to Korea

OMG ... getting a little bit more disorganized. Excited to go and learn but sad that I had to leave the family behind. With sooo many things to get ready and not much being done, I am getting more worried - what if I leave something important behind? Do I really need to go out and shop them gloves? Windbreaker - should I bring or the old winter coat (Azlin's) is good enough? How many packs of instant noodle should I bring? Maybe I could stomach down the food served..

I'm going to Korea! Inchon to be exact. In deep winter.... pray that I will achieve my goals there and bring back a success program and group to the country ... a more competent/experienced Industrial Hygienists? One thing for sure I'm richer with thousands of Korean Won:-) good if its thousands of ringgit of course!


  1. ini kena beli jaket bulu2 nih... ;)
    jangan lupa bawak balik brooches! I heard they have really nice ones there.