Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deoksugung Palace

After a long walk from Namdaemun Market, we finally reached Deok Su Gung Palace. It is near City Hall in Seoul. There is an admission fee of 1000KRW for adult between 19-64.

The main gate of Deoksugung Palace is called Dae-han-mun. We took group picture over here, in front of the gate where we bought the ticket. Then, we took a walk towards the main hall of the palace, called Jung-hwa-jeon
We can only see from the outside door the inside of the palace. Not allowed to go inside. The woodwork inside and outside was beautiful - totally different from what we have in Malaysia, definitely.

All we did in this area was walk and take pictures...and we were lucky enough on the way out as we got to see the hand over ceremony. It was really interesting...

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