Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When the Modem Broke Down....

Lately, I had been having too many problems with internet connection at home.
First, it was streamyx connection problem. Then 2 days after that was solved, our wireless router starting giving problem. We had to switch back to the unstable old router. Just as dear hubby was about done fixing the wireless router, the modem pulak went kaput!
Now, we are on modem loan from my SIL - Nini. But the wireless connection is still intermittent. Fed up le teman!

When the modem broke down...
  • I can't continue my Challenge Sudoku with Elisa (and other friends)
  • Browsing internet is painful at home
  • I had to steal some time at the office to check on messages at FB
  • I end up playing Sudoku on papers only:-(

BUT....I ended up

  • getting some progress on my curtain's goblet heading (almost 2 yrs sangkut)
  • AND..I'm back to Korean drama ...:-) ha ha...preparation for my Korea trip this coming Dec (alasan je tuh!)

*sigh*...I hope it'll resolve soon

1 comment:

  1. the problem has been fixed! yea! now need to decide whether to buy the on-loan modem or buy new one