Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bahasa Alif... part 2

From upstairs he shouted, "Mummy, make some milk pleaaassseee..". I told him to come down and get his milk, instead he shouted back, "C'mon mummy,I need some milk, please, upstairs". I insisted that he come down instead. In the end, he did go downstairs to pick up his milk instead of his usual, "Alaa..penatlah Alif".

We went beraya at Titi Gajah, Nini's in laws' house. Since they're having tahlil, the guys went first. Ladies went separately,about an hour later. On the way back, Alif asked for his Abah. “Abah naik siapa kereta?” Remember, he thinks in English, so, that’s a direct translation of Abah naik whose car?

For some reason, Alif selalu anti-Aina. Alif refused to acknowledge Aina as her Kakak. He kept saying “I don’t want Aina”. Yesterday, he said, “I have one sister and 2 brothers. My first brother is Bang Mad and my second brother is Kakak Aina”. By doing that, he can still insist that he only has 1 sister, who is Anis.

In the car, on the way back from beraya (again), the kids who were bored, kept following whatever Alif said. In the end, he picked up from that and start reciting, "Roditubillah hi robbah!", Anis & Ahmad followed him. And then he continued dengan pelat dia "wal Islami mi deena", but his pronunciation was not very clear and the word Islam doesn't come out well, so, the other siblings didn't really follow correctly. Shouting loudly, he said, "I am your teacher! You must follow me, now, read after me, Roditubillah hi robbah!". Pandai dia imitate cikgu dia (which he pronounced as "ciiku")

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