Thursday, October 9, 2008


After searching high and low, I finally found the journal that I started when Aina first went to school. It housed so many funny and beautiful memories of Aina in school, complete with pictures. Know how I found it?
Well, after coming back from Alor Setar, I got the urged to clean a little portion of the kitchen and throw away all unwanted papers in the basket on top of drawers at the location where supposedly a hand-washing sink should be. We didn't get around to buying a practical but nice and cheap wash-basin@sink since the last 2.5 years that we had stayed in that house.
Anyway, the journal lies in that basket on top of the drawers together with all the other papers and letters and junks that were just stashed away inside that basket, either by myself or my in-house assisstant, whenever we need to clear the dining tables when we had guests at home:-)

History repeats itself as I was going through the journal. There were stories and stories of Aina, none of Anis and a little half finished of Ahmad. I guess, first child has the most memorable things to write plus you'd get busier when it comes to second, third and so on. I should have written about Alif's first day in school as well - that was memorable episode. Actually all the children's first day in school is a nostalgic time, either for parents or the child itself. We parents need to be fairer in keep-sake stories or memories of the children , otherwise the other children will think that we are biased towards one child only. That's what Anis has told me - point blank! "Umi asyik ada cerita pasal kakak Aina je, Anis punya takde!" and then Ahmad will go on "Asyik Alif je, Alif je, Ahmad takde!". A change is needed here...need to show impartial to all children, but when will I get the time to write all 4 in one night? Well - I guess I need to sacrifice my Sudoku, word twist and make sure whenever I write about the children, all 4 of them would be inside in one stories...can I really do this?

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