Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Sudoku Meant to me....

1- It'll take me off my mind from "home"work for awhile
2- It gives me the chance to say "pergi main jauh, jangan kacau Umi"
3- It makes me sleep late at night and loose a little bit more of my beauty sleep
4- It allows me to break the Ergonomic rule I set about no bending your wrist with my mouse when I try to click as fast as i can when the time is almost up
5- Give me the chance to play with basic numbers that I have known all my life
6- It probably work out my brain better - spatial side? (huh?)
7- A chance to improve myself with number arrangement :-)
8- Let me practice number counting with Alif (who keeps on adding, ten, eleven,and so on to distract me from the numbers)
9- Let me challenge Elisa again and again and still lose to her (well, about 20% winning record is not that bad)
10- Gives me the break I badly needed from everything else and forget about the goblet curtain header that I've been avoiding for the last 2 years!

Finally - was it a way to waste my valuable time with?
I don't think I will stop playing yet...


  1. it's good for the brain, it's good for the brain..

    ha ha ha

  2. *assalamualaikum, nk mencelah*

    me loves sudoku too. sudoku loves me?



  3. Found Sudoku world - wonder if it helps to improve my logic in the games - -most of time, I just tembak je when I hit the wall and time is running out:-)