Monday, October 13, 2008

Swiper, nooo swiping (say it 3 times)

"Wake up, Story time, daddy!"
"Go read with mummy, I want to sleep!"
"Mummy, story time, now!"
Oh, alright. I had to quit Sudoku and entertain him with his request. Nowadays, he can be very demanding - all his request must be fulfilled then and there!
ok, here goes, we started reading. I meant we coz everytime I read, he would want to read on his own, saying "nak baca sirri (=sendiri)".
I continued reading, trying to summarize the small writings, "Then Dora said, if you see Swiper, say, "Swiper, no swiping!". But Alif stopped me there. He said, "Let me read...say swiper, no swiping! swiper, no swiping! swiper, no swiping!", while counting his fingers 3 times. Of course, the book didn't mention anywhere that you have to read 3 times.
So, i asked, "who taught you to read 3 times? Kakak Anis?"
"No, Dora said it 3 times"
OK - if Dora said it, then, it must have been in the TV. Children - I see, I read and I repeat, whatever it is that he see on TV. So, that's how he know the story and memorize some of the words in the story - from the TV! That's the power of TV nowadays:-) Sampai kami nak tengok pun tak boleh because everyone had to watch channel 613 - playhouse disney! No compromise most of the time.

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