Monday, October 20, 2008

Telur Mata "Kerabu" or Is it Mata Lembu?Kerbau???

All my life, I meant before this, I always refer the egg that is cooked by itself without any stirring prior to as "telur mata lembu". I thought that is right. Then, when I got married and have children, my husband taught me another name - "telur mata kerbau". He said that there is no such thing as telur mata lembu. Really? I guess there was never an occasion within my friends that I need to call such egg coz I dont like egg that much. So, the name telur mata lembu was never challenged until I met my husband and his siblings:-)
Now...egg is one of Anis's favourites. We introduced her to the egg and she loves it - mostly to eat with white rice. And the cooked egg has a new name now -- telur mata kerabu! Courtesy of Anis Syaza. No matter how much we tried to correct her, she still call it telur mata kerabu.

So, this cooked egg now has transitioned into another name...which would be the right one?
Telur Mata Lembu? or
Telur Mata Kerbau? or
best yet - Telur Mata Kerabu
any other names?


  1. my kids refer it as Telur Matahari ... sebab dia macam matahari kan Mak, ada bulat warna oren kat tengah.
    btw - esok lusa balik kampung kita tengok apa beza mata lembu ngan mata kerbau - yang ori yea, bukan yang pakai contact lense.

  2. kat tranung telur mater = telur mater lembu/kerbau. supper yer blaker...
    tapi i like yang separuh masok (isi kuning masih cair...) best tu makang dengan nasik lemok for breakfast