Sunday, October 19, 2008


The PM suggested that history should be taught way back at the primary school level. Did we ever learn history years ago? Well, not formally in primary school but I do think that we get to be introduced with what happened years ago in primary school, maybe not in so formal class like "History" subject.
I do so love history in secondary school even though I can never find out how to best memorize all the dates that we're supposed to remember. Well, for one, you'd need to know which date to just ignore and which date should be remembered. I normally just memorized them before the exam and totally forgot all about them soon after the exam was over. But one thing that I love the most is the story that it brings. And I think in primary school last time, history comes in the form of stories - children do so love them.

On our long journey back from Alor Setar after Raya week, we spend the time going through our own family history. It started with questions like,
"Umi ceritalah, camana Umi dengan Abah kenal dan boleh kahwin", and they want details up to the point of how we see "things" at that time, or another famous questions that can go hours and brought up more questions from them,
"What I was like when I was little. Who was the naughtiest? Who didnt sleep well at night"....This part can go on for hours with laughters and more questions and comments from the children. It'll bring back beautiful and funny memories that we sometimes take for granted and the repercussion was - "I dont remember" or "I'm not sure if it happens that way" and so on...But the gist of it - History is important, not just country's history. I think history should start from family history and that's exactly what build us today - our actions today, most of the time are decided on our experience, on what happen years ago maybe and that's what build us and we should treasure it and tell it to our children in education way that'll make them actually know the morale of the story...

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