Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's on 16 Oct?

Per my work plan, I need to go and visit one of the worksite at Sapangar Bay in KK. The tentative plan is ready, so, I requested the travel agent to make the flight and room booking at Sutera Harbour Resort in KK. Excited was I to go to Sabah for the first time in my life, I think I was more excited to stay at Sutera Harbour and looking forward to meet my long-time-never-see friend, Patricia G.
Anyway, the travel agent came back to me initially saying that the Pacific Wing is fully booked on the 16th Oct, so, I had to get the more expensive deluxe room at Megallan. Few minutes after the email was sent out to tell her to go ahead, she called back saying that now, only the club house is available....that actually force me to go to another hotel, rather than move hotel after one night.*sigh*:-(

What will happen on 16th? Why suddenly the big Sutera Harbour has no more rooms on the 16th of October? I this something to do with the 16th Sept...or 16th Oct...or 16th Nov thing ke? Or was it related to the announcement by Dato' Yong Teck Lee today? Maybe I should avoid my future travel plan from the 16th of the month..hmmm...

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