Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And my son is now back to .... normal size

Makkah marked the beginning for my boy Ahmad Sirhan. I guess the long walk during tawaf and saie made him realised that he needs to slim down. Just suddenly on one night after returning from solat Isya' he said from then on he will not have a second helping and will only eat little rice. And he really sticked to his word. He only ate less than a scoop of rice compared to 2 full adult plate of rice.
Well...it was tough at first, he complaint of hungriness, though we told him to go and eat more, he refused. I asked to add on a little bit more rice - make it one full scoop, that also was refused by him. Since April till September, not much improvement can be seen physically, though his weight has been stabilized.

See Ahmad...in April - real chubby. Had to get adult size pants for him.

Ok, follow up from the Aisya's case of diarrhea last week, Ahmad too has not been feeling well. He started with headache, then a little bit of fever for a couple of hours followed by diarrhea. Sampai 7 kali on that one day alone. But he was still active, so that doesn't worry me much. Then he started vomitting after iftar. All the little food that he ate didn't stay. And during sahur, he only took a half mug of milk. That goes on for 3 days. Throw up after iftar and no more food. Just 3 days are enough to slim him down. I can see his neck now, and his behind is not as full as before:-)

Ahmad today...can see the neck now:-)

So, I can say that ... inilah hikmahnya all the frenzy of diarrhea and vommitting last week. Ahmad had slim down to his normal size. Only need to work on his stomach, now. That one kena exercise but he said, "Ahmad tak mau penat"...*sigh*...

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  1. yes, ahmad was so besar :)
    Tapi dont worry, kalau Adam boleh slim down, so can he!
    (slim down without falling sick lah)
    Get him to take up sports. That's how Adam did it. He played soccer competitively in Jakarta.