Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I can't sleep"

We were just "lepaking" on the bed and Alif was getting ready to sleep. All the lights were out. But the TV was on. Azlin was watching the Alam's story. I pun tumpang sekaki. We have additional queen size mattress next to the window for Alif since he still refuse to sleep with his Abang Ahmad in their own room. We were actually watching the show from the living room downstairs and continue up to our room coz it's already late. Alif told us to go ahead and watch the show, he'll sleep on his own.
He had the pillows covering his face and his whole body faced the window the last time I peeped at him. Suddenly, I heard the sound of paper being torn. Another peeped saw Alif tearing a piece of white A4 paper on his mattress and I saw some white stuff in his ear. He was actually putting the piece of paper into his ear. When I asked him what he was doing...he just said in his TV acquired American accent, "I can't sleep mummy, it's too noisy". What can we say ...sorry dear and then we just mute the TV and fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the show.

As I was minuting this event, Alif keeps on coming up with his excuse to go downstairs, first it was his homework -- he insisted to finish up his homework tonight, at 10:45pm. Then, after he got his book and start writing on it, he suddenly remembered the chicken ball that he didn't get to eat this morning. Again, I had to take him downstairs to look for it and of course, couldn't find it coz teacher didn't pack the tupperware back into his school bag. He went upstairs and try to continue with his small alphabet homework but I guess he was really tired coz instead of writing, he kept on looking at the ceiling and suddenly he just dozed off.....he's asleep now.

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