Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seriau aka Seghiau @ "Segh(err)ung"

  • There was once, I was in hiking and camping club - we went out and climb trees during college break. I looked down, felt nothing but wows and wonder of the scenes. Tak seghung pung:-)
  • Then, I got married and we moved back to my old home in flat DBKL at Setapak Jaya. Third floor. I looked down and suddently felt like I was going to fall down. Pening! Seghiau sungguh!
  • Yesterday, the kids wanted KFC and McD for Iftar. So, my other half and I went to Sec 18, Shah Alam where the McD and KFC are across the street of each other. We split. I went to KFC and hubby went to McD. I finished my orders first, wanted to cross the not so big but deep drain, suddenly felt like I was going to fall into the drain! So, I took the longest route, avoid drain hopping. Seriau ahh!

I wonder how could this phobia thing developed. From one who used to be active in hiking activities and now, couldn't even bear to look down even at deep drain. Luckily, I can still watch sceneries down from the airplane. Is there some adrenalin change somewhere that had caused this condition after one gets married or have children? :-)

I checked out from Wiki, this sensation is called vertigo, a dizziness triggered by heights. It is not fear of height (acrophobia) , cos I definitely do not qualify for that. It is triggered by many conditions. It looks serious - some imbalance in the inner ear or sudden change of blood pressure or as a symptom of motion sickness while sailing, riding amusement rides, airplanes or in a motor vehicle. Some conditions comes with vomiting and some other serious symptoms. Merriam -Webster Online said that vertigo is a sensation of motion in which the individual or the individual's surroundings seem to whirl dizzily or a dizzy confused state of mind.

Was I confused? No. Was I dizzy? Yea, you can say that. I do have a history of ear infection that caused hole in my ear drum when I was pregnant with Anis but I had recovered and eardrum is not in the inner ear. But it wasn't serious enough to the point of having other medical symptoms. Maybe I could just attribute that to stress. That's what doctors will tell you if they can't find anything wrong with you after going through series of tests :-)

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