Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now he got a friend for his Thomas!

Last month, Taska Salsabiila had their biennial (betul ka?once in 2 years?) sports day. During that month, something must have snapped Alif off. He refused to go to school. I think in that month, he went maybe about a week - sporadic days. After sports - absent till end of the month. Not even Aidin's birthday can motivate him to go to school.
So, I showed him the pictures that's in Famygirl's scrapbooked. My intention was to show him what he's missing. But, his first words after seeing Aidin's picture was "NOT FAIR!", "He got 2 Thomas, I only have 1". Then he went and disturbed Abah who was asleep. Aiyo..lain yang plan lain pulak yang jadi. Well, to avoid him from continuing disturbing Abah, I made a deal with him. He go to school without fail or cry for many days and I will buy him his second Thomas. Of course he agreed.
I totally forgot about it the whole of last week. But come into new week (this week), I was reminded of my promise by the little Alif. He wants Percy.
Today, we went to Toysrus at Subang Parade after school to get his Percy. But after looking at the choices available, he decided to go with James instead. Selamat 10 bucks! There were no cheaper Percy version - only the special chocholate train edition which costs RM39.90.
Here's Alif, happy with his loot.

Then of course,must show off to Aisya ...who were actually thinking hard whether she could really play with the toys or not:-)

Alaaa...bole la main, Abang Alif tak marah pun. Dia mesti kasi kat Aisya...Alif loves to build then call Aisya to knock it down. He would stack the uno stacko and then Aisya will come with one swoosh and down the stacko go. Finally...she reached out and play with Alif's collection. These are less than half of the hot wheels that he has. Most of the time, he would arranged his hotwheels cars on the sofa and noone is allowed to sit on the whole length of the sofa after that. Ignore,"HEAR" the consequences! It's really loud and can go on non-stop for hours until the person who make him wail come and pacify him.


  1. you know what? i dah POKAIIIII beli kawan-kawan untuk thomas ni. don't ask me how many aidiin dah ada. seriously i have lost track! only dia sorang je yang tahu/ingat apa yang dia dah ada.

    nak kena buat inventory lepas ni :P

  2. Hah:-) Alif asked for another Thomas, right after he got his James. Another bribe to go to school. Hari ni dapat James, esok dah tak nak gi sekolah. Then mention there's more Thomas, baru willingly nak gi sekolah...*sigh* kids..