Monday, September 22, 2008

Bahasa Alif (this will be updated from time to time)

My Alif started to speak English since he was 3. We didnt realised it at first. Suddenly all those phrases like "oh my God", or " I got you!" came out from his cute little mouth. Then only we realised that he had self-learnt English from his morning show with either NickJr or Playhouse Disney. We didn't really speak English at home but ever since he started speaking "cartoon" English, we (myself, Azlin, Anis, Ahmad & Aina) will try to speak as much English as we can with him.
Azlin asked Alif - "do you think in English or in Bahasa Melayu?", his response was "English, of course".
This is the history that I think I should record...

"Mesti basuh Alif tangan, nanti ada kuman kat Alif tangan, kan" - as he was playing with the soap in the bathroom after I instruct him to wash his hand

"Mummy, where's my shoes...dah hilang dah Alif kasut tu..."

"Mummy, daddy - why do grown ups like to where that?" (pointing towards the kain pelikat that guys wear to Masjid) - while walking up the sloppy road to Masjid negeri Selangor. I can't recall what my husband replied to him though.

"In my family, I have daddy, mummy, one sister, MORE sister and one brother, I love my family!". Do you have baby?, "Yes, baby Aisya". mengaku pulak Aisya tu baby dia.

Anis started a story, so, Alif pun nak bercerita, here's his story...."Once upon a time, there is one happy girl, name Syaza. One day...that's the end of the story!". We all laughed and so did he. Then I asked, lagi? "I'm sorry, I can't tell you! it's a secret. It's myyy secret!" Then he laughed.

We went to Subang Parade and at the car park Alif wanted to show off the colors that he knew. "Umi! Eh, Mummy! That's pink and green and black cars!" . You see, when he speak English, it is a must for him to change the way he addressed us. Umi becomes Mummy and Abah becomes Daddy.

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