Saturday, April 25, 2009

To do..

Things to do this week (and that includes weekend)...

1) Download Iron Empress ... ah! That one is a killer - really loves the history it portrays, of course watching on the big screen give much more satisfaction) --- On going (the real player keeps on finishing the task without completing it for some parts)

2) Register for the basic Korean lesson at ICLS -- Done (can't believe I really did sign up and pay up!Class starts on 30 May, once/week but am gonna miss first class coz that my BIL's wedding day)

3) Try burning more Korean songs in the 4.7GB Disc - hope that it'll be able to play on the car's DVD. This should occupy my 2 hrs drive to Kuantan tomorrow -- Have not even started yet

4) Write checks to pay up all the scheduled payment for my debts -- not yet

5) Pack up for the Kuantan trips tomorrow -- this one just before going to bed tonight baru nak buat

6) Catch up with work emails to confirm tomorrow's schedule. Got early Monday meeting before moving on to Kuantan (am gonna take Azlin's Camry for the trip)

7) Call Kak Lin (my neighbor) and go meet up with other neighbors to confirm Kursus Jenazah at my house on the 10th of May. Need to get at least 10 people to start the class -- will do this in the evening

8) Pick up Aina in the afternoon and then, send her back in the evening before curfew over at 6pm

9) Finish up the dress for Ariff's wedding and also the skirt for line dancing -- don't know if can do this or not, asyik tak de mood je.

List goes on...I'd better stick to this one first. What about things for the children? Need to do cook and keep since not going to be home for the next 2 days -- rendang dah "kau-tim" for one day, lagi sehari? Aaa...let Anis masak la the second day tu:-)

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  1. bertuah ada anak dara dah boleh masak utk adik2 (and kakak :))