Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update On the Current Happenings...

Things have been pretty hectic lately with work that some of the time, the children, the house and even the husband was at some point neglected, a bit (or maybe a bit more)...I was behind in my deliveries and am trying to catch up, that's why. Just gotten myself a breather...

Came back home last weekend because of her cough. Took her to a GP again, who then prescribed a stronger antibiotic coz the ear was still in pain. At least then, I noticed that at least, the last 3 GPs that I've seen for my children in the last one month, explained or maybe kind of justified to me why they're prescribing antibiotic for cough, or sore throat+running nose. Years ago, even not for children, they just give antibiotic without even mentioning that they're giving ones to you. Oh, Aina is now into juz 8 of her Quran! she spent almost the whole of last year to finish 4 juzuks and now, within 3 months, she finished almost 4 juzuks! 2 pages a day now. Can't really describe how I feel but its unbelievable to think that she can really do it, that she proved us wrong, again! Like most people said, never underestimate your child!

This March exam she said she doesn't have the confidence that she'll get to be the top of her class. Few Bs or low As in her marks. She seems a bit out of space or less focus in her studies and maybe distracted with so many other things. I'm just worried that she lose track of what she's supposed to be focusing - she forgot that she's having science tiusyen. It's the only extra class that she's taking - and that is because of her own request. ok, I am at fault too for not remembering that - I kept on thinking that she needs to do her Hafazan that I forgot her tiusyen class. Abah balik, mengamuk la dia...

Follow up from Aku Sebuah Basikal, he now needs to find more karangan that has that titled as part of his correction. At least he showed the effort to look up from the 350 Contoh Karangan UPSR that I bought for Aina 2 years back. When that failed, he just stopped there and didn't even ask for help. Just now, I searched via google and found quite a number of samples of "Aku Sebuah Basikal". I showed to him, but after reading 2 samples of the biography type karangan, he said, "eleh...semua tu sad ending, boring!". I guess maybe that's why he did not end his story in the exam. Oh, he found out that I actually did published his karangan when I asked Nini if she had read his karangan in front of him (while he was playing with Aisya). As expected, he got mad and started to cry a little bit but as he scooped rice into his plate, he soon forgot that he's supposed to be angry. I guess that's that.

Alif has been showing good progress in his attitude to go school. He no longer cried in the morning when its time to go to school, though he always find excuses not to go to school the night before or tricked Mak Cik into believing that he's having a holiday tomorrow. Last night he asked me to feel his forehead because he said he got headache from going to school! But when I told Mak Cik to boil some sausages for those going to school tomorrow, the headache immediately go away! He still sometimes, take off his pants in the middle of the night even though he didn't wet the bed. Maybe because "terkicit" sikit and he felt the pants a little bit wet, so he took it off and then go back to sleep. He still lay his toys, particularly his cars on my side of the bed or around abah who is asleep while he's doing that. Almost every night, while I tried to sleep, after pulling on the comforter blanket, I can hear few things dropped hear and there from the bed.
Oh! and he said he doesn't need another baby in the house coz he already has a sister - Aisya is his sister. She's been upgraded from a cousin to a sister. She's the first thing that he looked for just when he got down from the car every evening(at times, even while getting down from his car seat, he had already started calling for her). Tak tau la what will happen when Aisya no longer comes to our house on daily basis if Mak Cik decides to go home for good this year.

As for thing for myself that I tried to consistently maintained even my schedule is erratic, is my line dancing class every wednesday evening. Contingency, Tuesday evening, masak extra so that the children can get their dinner on time and for abah - lambat sikit pun tak pa la...I've learnt tens of songs and dance steps that will make my body sweats and enjoying every moment of it - even when I had to dance with sprained ankle once upon a time. You guys should try it. It's supposed to be a very good exercise for the brain as information transfered from left brain to right brain as you try to dance the steps in different face of the walls. Really fun too!

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  1. tahniah tahniah.. super mom still with muka yang bersahaja.... kak ina, nanti tolong jahit kaki seluar... hehehehe