Thursday, April 9, 2009

Watch Out if You're Parking Your Car in Putrajaya

Nowadays non-residents cars are no longer allowed into Parcel D in Putrajaya. If you had business to run at the government office there, you're gonna have to either take a cab or a bus there. If you wanna drive, go all the way to Park N Ride near Alamanda, take the bus route 900 or 901 and pay Rm0.50 into the slot machine at the driver's side.

If you somehow, managed to be there early, you will actually get through the security. Coz during early hours, when the government officers are rushing in to work, they don't stop you at the gate, even if you dont have the right stickers. Probably because not all officers got the special stickers to stick to their cars, maybe. Anyway, you'll have to drive all the way to back of Blok D3 to park, that's the only parking area that is opened and have no label on it. I got there about 7:50am today. The parking was almost full. Cars started parking in front of my car (not fully blocking though) at the non-designated parking area. By the time it was 8am, all the slots were taken, even the non-designated spots.
I got out and head towards my meeting place, and saw this amazing thing. I heard about it but had never seen this before:
This car must have been parked there over night. It looked like it. The roof had some flower drops on it. There was a car in front of it but only this car was full of A-4 size stickers. See closely what the sticker says:
This sticker was pasted on the front windshield, the back, driver's window and also at the rear passenger's window at the other side of the car. I was a bit malu to go around and take a look if the car was actually locked (well, there were few people passing by) but didn't see any from the driver's side.

When I passed by the area again after the meeting was over, about 11am++, the car was still there. This time the sticker at the driver's side had more pen written notes on it. A passer-by commented that they don't really need to put that much sticker on the car! I went the other side..and was actually amazed at how the car was literally locked and can't resist taking this picture...


  1. why do they need to restrict entrance into Parcel D? Nama lagi government offices, dah tentu the public will come for one urusan or another, kan? Or are they trying to discourage that or what?
    Sometimes I wonder what goes on in their minds...

  2. Not enough parking even for staffs. I pernah kena saman masa pegi meeting at my hq in Parcel C. Its either go early or park far and walk but now selalu hujan so fikir pjg skit lah.

  3. Tun mahathir's plan was to build tracks (like LRT) that will link all the government buildings, that's why they didn't build enough parking - I was told. But that plan didn't materialized when Pak Lah took over - I was told too. Oh well - at times, bagus jugak naik bas tapi so not convenient on the way back when you have to check out all the buses that pass by, not all pergi Park N Ride. Want people to take the public transport but never take care of how much time lost while waiting.