Friday, May 8, 2009

...all by Myself

Umi: Let's mandi
Alif: No
Umi: Jom la... Umi mandikan
Alif: a -a -- NOT A CHANCE!
Umi: ??? (ni mana dapat ni?)

10 minutes later

Alif: Umi, tolong buka
he was wearing long sleeve t-pajama, he's sweaty so, a bit difficult to pull it up on his own.

Umi: Alif nak mandi? Waa... bagusnya. Mandi ngan Abah ke?
Alif: nop - I'm going to bath, all by myself!

"I can do it all by myself!"
"I think about it all by myself!"
"I did it all by myself!"

Those are Alif's favourite phrases if you ask where he learn some of the things he does...

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