Thursday, June 22, 2017

Introduction to Arabic: Day 4 - Passive Participle Ism al Maf'ul - إسم المفعول

إسم المفعول - Ism/isim al Maf'ul, is an object, or the person who receives the action

We have started with Verb - فعل
From فعل , we will be able to derive the noun or doer from the verb to فاعل
From فعل , we will be able to derive the object or past participle (pp)  from the verb to مفعول, the receiver

In English, we have "write" as the verb , convert to pp , it is "written", it is kind of similar concept in arabic as well.

Similar to The Doer, for  derivation, there are 2 type of rules applied.

  • 3 letters
    • Step 1 - from Madhi, add م at the beginning of the word, the original letter will now have a sukun harakah
    • Step 2 - add at the 2nd last letter, or in other word in between 2nd and 3rd
    • Step 3 - the last harakah now becomes dhommatun

  • >3 letters
    • Step 1- Find out the mudhori' form of the verb
    • Step 2 - Change the letter ي to   م
    • Step 3 - Change the harakah of the 2nd last letter to fathah

Derivation example for > than 3 letters verb

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