Saturday, December 2, 2017

The face lifted Senai Airport - Nov 2017

I haven't been back to this airport for quite some time. With time to kill, I am not sure if I should go into the departure hall or just settle at cafe outside. So, i think I want to document what's available to kill time once cleared security check for my future reference 😅

Entering the Airport ground 
I can google search what's available in the airport. The airport has its own site ( actually, with the directory available. However, from my mobile phone, I couldn't figure out what's inside and outside.  We have these available from the directory: 
but .. it didn't where and each icon is not linked to details though.  I found out that most of the foods listed here are outside, so, not much of interesting food outlet with place to "lepak" inside. There were still renovation on going ... so, things might change in the future.. ok.. here goes.. 

As I cleared the security checkpoint, the first outlet I saw was O'Briens.  There's row of seats available to sit and relax while enjoying drink or meal.. which make it looked neat and nice while 

waiting for flight. This is near Gate 2 - the gate to KL flight.  

I walked further, there's more seat near its counter and closer to the gate as well.  But since these were probably the most convenience, there's won't be enough tables/seat. 

I took a right turn from this junction. 

There weren't much to browse. In the middle section, there were reflexology center. They also offer massage chair (I think).  
And, there's also convenient shop next to the reflexology shop. 

As I walked further, some blank spots under construction and souvenir shop.

At the end, near Gate 3, there's another coffee shop, called Pushcart.   It has small corner for those who wants to have coffee and pastries and some food while waiting. 3 or 4 tables and 2 long tables for the loners. 
I got coffee and almond danish pastry here.  The pastry was ok, but Mocha was so so .. didn't taste much of coffee or chocolate. 
Pushcart near Gate 3

Long Aisle
Well, that's about it .. thought of taking more pictures but I had gotten lazy  ... 


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