Sunday, March 29, 2009

TV or Book Influence?

Alif has been counting down his birthday for the past few weeks. The understanding on birthday concept must have spurred from the birthdays celebration at his Taska. However, he wanted to have "mummy" and "daddy" (that's what he called us whenever his mood to speak in English comes in - Umi now becomes mummy) around for his birthday celebration so , it must be done at home:-)

This morning, Azlin asked him what he wants for his birthday. And he answered, "I want a dog!"
I laughed out loud. Alif who is scared to hold a cat due to an incidence of being scratched (he called it - "cat garu Alif") now wants a dog for his birthday! I wonder where this one comes from? Hmm...cannot be Thomas or Handy Manny, it could be the Clifford cartoon on TV or book that we read to him. I must say, need to be more careful with story selection or maybe this is good time to explain to him about the dog thing...

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