Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Just Dawned on Me...my kids!

My kids! I just realized how big they are now. That will also translate to ..me supposedly will have to be busy for the next following years, starting from this year. Why? Thanks to the current education system, I will have one national exam after the other, for the next few years...

Well, to begin with, in this year, 2009 - Anis who is 12 will sitting UPSR&PSRA;
Then 2010, Aina will in Form 3 and will take PMR;
By the time Aina is done, Ahmad will turn 12 in 2011 and will need to sit for UPSR&PSRA (I dont think they plan to abolish the exam just yet in 2011), oh! Alif will start Standard 1 in this year as well;
Then, 2012, Aina and Anis - both of them will need to sit SPM and PMR while at the same time, early of the year, we'll get busy getting new school for Ahmad;
Alhamdulillah, we'll get a breather in 2013 before going back to exam year again in 2014 with Anis taking SPM and at the same time Ahmad will take his PMR....

ahhh...alhamdulillah Alif is 5 years apart with Ahmad...ideally, having children 2 years apart, is a good spacer - for having children only la... But on the other hand, when they're all grown up and schooling, this is what we're going to have to go through - blessing in disguise, in a way. It'll keep both mummy and daddy busy, if they choose to. I don't know if I am going to be fussy when the children is going to take PMR. But for UPSR -- alaa...I think that is not really a big deal, dont force or pressure them too much, let them learn their lessons on their own. Not a good approach huh? At least it gotten DH angry with the results that Aina got for her UPSR last time - not really because of the results, but the attitute that she shows and how me, as a mother do not spend enough time to make sure that she did what she was supposed to do. But in the end, Alhamdulillah, things still turn out ok for her... as I said to him, mesti ada hikmah why Allah did not give Aina 5As -- if she had gotten the 5As and Mumtaz in PSRA, she might not ended up in IQKL and if she had gotten into JAIS school, she will not be doing the Huffaz program...ya da ya da ya da.. Things turn out as Allah had plan it to be :-)

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