Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting to Know Jalan Sultan Ismail during Traffic-Mare

~6pm : Reached Bukit Bintang traffic light and cross to get on Sultan Ismail

6:20pm : Still in the middle of the cross road and slowly inching to position my car on properly on Sultan Ismail

6:46pm: Just managed to cross Jalan Raja Chulan. I think at least 3 monorails had pass by overhead.
6:54pm: Underneath the monorail station. I've gotten 2 cars trying to sneak in front on me from the left. Let them in and they move all the way to the far right lane and slowly dissappear from my sight.

7:04pm: Finally passed Crowne Plaza monorail station and only realized that it's not a 4-lane road. I was actually in the middle of lane 2 & 3. Far left was actually self-made car park from some inconsiderate convenient people.

7:13pm: Hooray! I've moved about 400 meters in 10 minutes. Some achievement!
7:33pm: My pedometer still read 51.4 as it did at 7:13pm. I sure hit on accelerator but the meter didn't show like the car moved. Man! Less than 100m in 20 minutes.
7:44pm: Finally, 51.5 - moved another 100m after another 10 mins. Now l learnt that KFC has their own Wisma KFC on Jalan Sultan Ismail. A building as tall as Shangri-La.
7:49pm: Now, I get to move another 100m. There's Restoran Jepun Munakata and Restoran Seoul OK selling Korean BBQ opposite Wisma KFC (which is still ahead of me).

8:00pm: I finally reached the intersection to Petronas Twin Tower, infront of me was Shangri-La. I think its Jalan P.Ramlee. It was packed jam, no way I can cross the street without being inside the yellow box at the next green. Cars coming into that side of the road from all over - left, right, front and u-turn cars.

8:13pm: I had moved almost 1km now. Situations gotten slightly better. I saw traffic police now. Just realize that I didn't turn on the headlight - well the road was all lighted and it was still daylight just now, wasn't it? I had reached Sheraton by now and still queuing at traffic light.

8:18pm: Finally reached Maju Junction Mall intersection

8:30pm: Since it was a long queue to go into Jln Kuching heading to Jln Duta, I choose to go through Jalan Parlimen and now gotten stuck at the roundabout - is it Dato' Onn Roundabout? I dont know if I should go back through Damansara or Jalan Duta at this point...but I dont trust the traffic anymore even if it is clear - it may be bad just before I know it.

I finally hit Jln Duta tol at 8:52pm and reached home at 9:15pm. What a long drive. Nasib baik Allah gave me the excuse from solat - otherwise, don't know how to manage solat on the road.

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