Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Driver's Frustration

Don't you feel like having a feature that can immediately convert your car into high speed with impact protection bull dozer when you're in these situations?

1) When there is one small car who parked almost in the middle of the 2 parking lots. And worst's still, that's the only lot available, forcing some people to park illegally on the side and making the lane becomes smaller and congested and you really really had to drive slow and mindful of both sides to pass through?
Felt like having those conversion feature and slide in beside that car that allow me to push that car to its right place

2) Cars parked on one side of the road, reducing a 2-ways lane into a one-way street. And suddenly, there's a car coming towards you and there's no way for either of you to move forward except one has to give in and reverse all the way to almost where you're starting off. Grr...!
ok - with those feature, I can just bulldoze the parked car wherever I like.

3) Cars who blocked the intersection that in the end, nobody can move. Especially at small intersection or small turn. Some people just do not know how to give in or wait for a short while to create an opening for cars who wanted to make a turn or cross when the car in front of them cannot moved. If they hadn't blocked that opening, at least, somebody get to move instead of everyone get stucked. Not that the car who wanted to turn (tu) or cross will cut their queue pun!
This one - I have to be at the one who wants to turn - with the conversion, I can make a sandwich out of the cars who block the intersection.

I am consciously trying to remember and not be the car whom somebody want to bulldozed into.

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