Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thinking of the Mockingjay

I had just finished reading the final book of the trilogy The Hunger Games. The story still lingers in my head since this afternoon - right, finished the last few pages in the office, during lunch break! Can't wait any longer - tak tahan! Yea, that's right, I pre-ordered the book online via MPH. It was supposed to be released on the 24th Aug and on the 25th, the book arrived but due to the courier issues and there's no one home to receive the book, I only get the book on the 28th. Nevertheless, it was worth the wait for me. Of course, I had to give way to Aina who was home for the long weekend the privilege to read it first. But while she was reading it, I did stole a few chapters when she took a nap or when she did other than reading or holding on to the book. And finally, I got to read it on Sunday the 29th.

Aina was a bit disappointed with the endings, a bit simple, unsatisfactory. And she demand a continuation, a 4th book! But hey, you can't have the story goes on and on. There's no more hunger games to play and the victors are all scarred and lived with nightmares that was the side effects from the live games and the aftermath.

For those of who who wants to know the story line - read here - . This blog gave a good summary of the first book. It really is an entertaining book. Somewhat predictable but with lots of surprise elements as well. I can really feel the bonds that was built between the 2 main characters - Katniss and Peeta, throughout the story. Catching Fire - that's the 2nd book of the trilogy even more engaging which brought the bonds between Peeta and Katniss stronger. The ending of Catching Fire clutched my heart and made me want to read more - can't really wait for the Mocking Jay to appear. I had to wait over 2 months for that. The Mocking Jay was full of war and strategy and gruesome ending of lifes. The twist in Katniss's character is a little bit disappointing but not enough to make you put down the book. She is still the strong , willful girl and full of fights.

Anyway, if you love futuristic , adventure, technology, thriller and a little bit of romance in a story book - this is the series for you to read. It is meant for young adult, but for an "old lady" like me, I can still appreciate them:)

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