Sunday, August 8, 2010

Astro and Rain

Rain is still affecting Astro's broadcasting ability ... yea, with advance technology and Beyond... it still matters. Though with Beyond, it is not as bad. Anyway, Alif, the 6 yrs old, understands this very much. And this knowledge is the essence of his foundation whenever there is bad reception on the TV .. until one day...

We were driving back and Alif's watching a movie on the portable DVD. It was raining quite heavily. And the scratched cd starts giving the breaking sound and what's not. It wasn't showing well on the portables. And Alif starts saying ... "ala hujan"

Me: "Why hujan (rain)?"
Alif: "Memang la, kalau hujan (of course, if it rains), the pictures will be bad"
Me: "No la, it's not because of the rain, its the CD. It must be scratched coz you didn't keep it properly"
Alif: "No, you're wrong Ummi...if it rains, the pictures always go bad. We just wait. It'll get better."

Me: ???@@# -- whatever

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